Amp up your social videos using Adobe Stock videos to create the perfect, custom double exposure application.

Select video clips to get started

To create the double exposure, search for two video clips on Adobe Stock.

The first clip will be used as the outline. It should have a nearly solid background, which will make masking it much easier. We selected a silhoutte of a surfer.

The second clip will be used as the double exposure overlay. We selected a slow motion shot of waves breaking on the beach.

Import your clips into Premiere Pro

Once you have your two clips, import them from either the Library panel in Premiere Pro (if saved in a folder), or upload directly from your computer.

Add a threshold effect & matte key in Premiere Pro

To create the double exposure, place your outline video clip on track 4 and your overlay video track on layer 2:

  1. Add the threshold filter to track 4. You’ll find this filter in your Effects Control panel in Video Effects > Stylize > Threshold
  2. Add the Track Matte Key to video track 2. You’ll find it in Video Effects > Keying > Track Matte Key
  3. Open your Effects Control panel with track 2 selected in your sequence. Reveal the Track Matte Key effect controls
  4. In the “Matte” dropdown box, select “Video 4” and place a check in the box labeled “Reverse” in order to invert the effect

Dial in your look with a color matte

Select File > New > Color Matte to create a new color matte in your project. Drag this into your sequence on Video 1.

Duplicate your overlay video from track 2 onto track 3. In the Effects Panel, in the Opacity effect controls, change the Blend Mode to Screen.

This helps bring some texture detail back to the overlay.

Nest and add motion graphic for custom brand feel

Select Clip > Nest to nest your clips into a new sequence. In that new sequence, select Sequence > Sequence Settings and change your dimensions to 1080x1080 for use on social.

If you’d like to add a custom element to your video, you can search within Adobe Stock for a graphic template to add a custom brand element to your video. Choose Window > Workspaces > Graphics.

Adjust your graphics

Select Windows > Essential Graphics and click on the Edit tab.

Here you can customize all of your graphic elements including font, size, colors, style, and more.

Export for social media

Select File > Export.

  • Under your file name, select H.264 for your format and Facebook 1080p Full HD for your preset
  • Choose your destination by clicking on the blue file path. Click the green play arrow in the upper-right corner to start the export cue

You’re now ready to share your custom-branded double exposure video across your social media channels!

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that are perfect for double exposure videos.

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