Learn how to upload your videos via the Adobe Stock Contributor portal.

It’s easy to sell video clips on Adobe Stock. If you aren’t a Contributor yet, sign in to the Contributor portal with your Adobe ID, or create an Adobe ID to get started. 

Follow the steps below to upload your videos to Adobe Stock through SFTP. (For information on uploading photos, illustrations, or vector art, please see Upload images to Adobe Stock.)

Upload video with SFTP

1. You need an SFTP client, such as FileZilla. Install the client if you have not already.

2. Once the SFTP client is installed, log in to the Contributor portal and click Upload.

3. Click Learn More to access your SFTP credentials.

4. The system automatically generates information for you to use to upload your footage via SFTP, including a hostname and user ID. Click the Generate password button to view your unique password. 

5. Launch your SFTP client and insert the hostname, user ID, and password in the fields supplied for each. Leave the Port field empty. If your SFTP client doesn't allow you to leave the port field blank, you need to enter 22. Then connect to the server. 

6. The SFTP client will take you to the server. Find your files in your local directory and drag them to the host side. This will prompt the upload process. Don’t upload a folder — you need to select the individual files. 

7. Once your files are uploaded, you’ll find them on the Contributor portal in the Uploaded Files tab, where you can index the files and attach model and property releases if necessary. For more information on indexing files, see Make your content easy to find with the right keywords

8. When you’re done indexing, click Submit for Approval. 

Troubleshooting uploads.

If you can’t see your uploaded video in the Contributor portal, it probably means your video doesn’t meet our technical requirements. Be sure to upload your video at one of our accepted frame sizes. You can review these and other important technical specifications on the Video Requirements page. 

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