Apart from overall improvement in the accuracy of indexing, the following are the enhancements:

  • Displays correct MIME types for all documents
  • Enhanced support for indexing of metadata for binary files such as mp3 and JPEG
  • Support for the attribute previousCriteria (in the tag cfsearch)
  • Both the tags cfindex and cfsearch support the attribute categoryTree.
  • A new section to enable/disable term highlighting for entire document has been added to the ColdFusion Administrator. This applies only if Solr is running on local machine.

    Note: The following steps apply only if Solr is running on local machine. If Solr is on a remote machine, follow the steps provided in the section Term highlighting in Developing ColdFusion Applications.

  1. In the ColdFusion Administrator, go to ColdFusion Collections and then click a Solr collection.
  2. Use the Enable/Disable button to enable/disable term highlighting.
  3. Reindex the collection.

    Note: Enabling term highlighting increases the size of the Solr collection. So ensure that you allocate adequate memory for Solr if you are enabling term highlighting.

Upgrading Solr

Solr is upgraded as part of updater.
Therefore, to use Solr with ColdFusion 9.0.1, upgrade Solr.
For local installation, Solr is auto-upgraded when you run the ColdFusion Updater.
For remote installation, manually upgrade Solr using the following steps:

  1. Stop Solr.
  2. Back up solr.xml available in Solr_Home/multicore.
  3. Uninstall Solr.
  4. Reinstall the standalone version of Solr available on Adobe download location.
  5. Stop Solr (if it has started automatically).
  6. Bring back the backed up copy of solr.xml to Solr_Home/multicore.

    Note: After you upgrade, ensure that you reindex the entire Solr collection before you use the search service.