This article provides a batch file to stop and restart the ColdFusion services. Using this batch file can make the process of stopping and restarting ColdFusion services easier.


  1. Download the batch file.

  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to the ColdFusion Server.
  3. Secure the two files with the appropriate file permissions, to protect them from misuse.
  4. Open the files in a text editor and edit the files to match your configuration of the ColdFusion Server. Remove entries for services which are not being used.
  5. You can double click on the batch file to stop and restart the ColdFusion services, or use the Windows Scheduler to stop and restart the ColdFusion services at scheduled times.
Service Name Version(s) Function
Cold Fusion Application Server 5 and earlier Main ColdFusion Server service
ColdFusion Executive 5 and earlier Polls the ColdFusion Application Server service
ColdFusion RDS 5 and earlier Provides ColdFusion Studio connectivity
SiteMinder Authentication Service 5 and earlier User authentication service for Advanced Security
SiteMinder Authorization Service 5 and earlier Authorization service for Advanced Security
ColdFusion Management Service 5 Management features, including archive/restore and server reporting
ColdFusion Monitoring Service 5 Supports ClusterCats and Application Monitoring
ColdFusion Graphing Server 5 Supports cfgraph functionality
ColdFusion Management Repository Server 5 Repository management facilities for the ColdFusion Management Service
ColdFusion MX Application Server MX, MX 6.1 Main ColdFusion Server service
ColdFusion MX ODBC Agent MX, MX 6.1 Used to make changes to ODBC data sources
ColdFusion MX ODBC Server MX, MX 6.1 Used to access ODBC data sources

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