Current hot fix level: chf7010002

Released: 3/2/2006

The following fixes are contained in ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 Cumulative Hot Fix 2 (CHF2). Macromedia recommends that CHF2 only be applied to ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 if you are experiencing one or more of the specific fixed issues listed below, and then only to ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 (specifically). Cumulative Hot Fixes for ColdFusion MX 7.0 can be found in TechNote fd71533. Individual hot fixes can be found in TechNote tn_17883.

ID Number Description Added in Cumulative

Hot Fix
61343 CFC sub-components returned from web service (type) throw Premature EOF encountered 2
61331 CFC sub-components returned from web service (template cache) fail when sub-component flushed from cache 2
61361 DateAdd("w") (weekday) can result in weekend date returned 2
61374 7.0.1 regression. Sybase JConnect throws "FOR UPDATE can not be used in a SELECT " using client variables 2
61444 Verity does not optimize category files 2
61485 ClassCastException passing FORM scope arguments to a function. (additional fix for 61224 in CHF1) 2
61570 7.0.1 regression. Submitting a large number of form fields throws " Resetting to invalid mark" 2
60089 cftree - non-latin characters displayed as ? 2
61462 cgi.remote_user and cgi.auth_type create unnecessary sessions on non-JRun J2EE servers 2
61326 cfprocparam maxlength attribute throws "Invalid data - value exceeds MAXLENGTH setting" for decimal (it counts the ".") 2
61723 cfftp throws "FtpOperationException" with non-Latin filenames 2
61508 cfquery, cfstoredproc maxrows not passed to the JDBC driver (performance issue on large tables) 2
61415 SQL Server JDBC returning wrong values for null sql_variant columns. Data from a previous row may be returned. 2
61931 Unable to set Optional Parameters in SMS message. 2
60212 cfdocument text clipping at bottom/top of page. 59991 also fixed (text in tables overflowing a page get clipped). 2
60333 Verity custom collections. Nulls in database data stop k2index from indexing those records. 2
60827 cfchart could fail to display on Windows/IIS6 systems because HTTP headers were not generated. 1
60892 Executing multiple cfapplication tags on a single CFM page caused problems with client variables. 1
60970 Web services returning a result of an array generated errors when consumed by PERL clients due to redundant attributes. 1
60998 In cfapplication, the sessiontimeout attribute could not change the timeout for an existing session. It could only set a timeout for a new session. 1
50692 In cfftp, the timeout attribute had no effect. 1
61152, 61235 Issues with Verity when installed on a remote server. 1
61212 cffile action="upload" no longer wrote a file with a file specification in the "destination" field.

61238 Report grouping display showed wrong data on last row if the field was in the group footer. 1
61164 'Session is invalid' error after the first unnamed application session expires (J2EE sessions ON) . 1
61272 At server restart, scheduled tasks could be activated twice. 1
61252 Application.cfm/.cfc was not invoked when you called CFC's through the CFCProxy. 1

When a function was invoked asfunct(nameOfTheArgument="#arguments#"), the nameOfTheArgument parameter was passed to the function as expected, but also sent the keys in the arguments as the arguments to function.

61378 Threading issues with cfdocument could cause a request to hang under some circumstances on ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 Standard Edition. 1

Installation instructions

ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 cumulative hot fixes are installed in the ColdFusion MX Administrator. The installation process is the same for all platforms and installation choices.

  1. Download chf7010002.jar (293K).

  2. Open the ColdFusion MX Administrator and select the System Information page.
  3. Next to the Update File field, select the Browse Button and browse to the downloaded file. Select the file and click Submit.
  4. Restart ColdFusion.

The ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 cumulative hot fix JAR file does not need to be retained after installing it with the ColdFusion Administrator. The file has been copied into the correct location.

The ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 cumulative hot fix JAR file will appear as a new entry in the System Information list.

Note: Any individual hot fixes previously installed that are now contained in this cumulative hot fix should be removed.

Additional Information

Although we recommend always using the latest version of the cumulative hot fix, the previous version may be downloaded using the link below:


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