The following fixes are contained in ColdFusion 9 Cumulative Hot Fix 1 (CHF1). Adobe recommends that you apply CHF1 to ColdFusion 9 only if you are experiencing one or more of the issues listed below. This cumulative hot fix is specific to ColdFusion 9 and need not be applied to any other releases. 

Bug ID Description Added in Cumulative Hot Fix
80624 Fix for the NullPointerException error thrown when deploying a car file from ColdFusion 7 containing data sources to ColdFusion 9 1
80621 Fix for the issue where ColdFusion was ignoring local variable assignment when the variable is assigned to a struct at runtime 1
80601 Fix for the “java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Illegal repetition{}” error thrown when using {} as delimiter with the listtoarray function 1
80429 Fix for the issue where in any cfscript style function declarations, function parameter types were not accepting the dotted CFC type 1
80412 Fix for the issue where ColdFusion deployed on JBoss was unable to render maps using cfmap 1
80375 Fix for the “Error casting an object of type java.lang.Double cannot be cast to  java.lang.String to an incompatible type” error thrown when calling a CFC remotely with returnFormat=json 1
80335 Fix for the issue where an implicit struct/array passed to a function call as a value is not working 1
80231 Fix for the issue where cfscript style function declaration was not accepting implicit struct/array as a default value for the second argument onward 1
80230 Fix for the “ashx image format is not supported on this operating system” error thrown when assigning an image returned from a .NET webservice to a CFImage tag 1
79756 Fix for the “Cannot drop the table '<tableName>'” error thrown when requesting the CFC for the first time with the ORM setting dbcreate set to dropcreate 1



Use the ColdFusion 9 Administrator to install cumulative hot fixes. The installation process is the same for all platforms and installation choices.

  1. Download and extract chf9000001.jar.
  2. Open the ColdFusion 9 Administrator and select the System Information page.
  3. Click Browse next to the Update File box, and then browse to the extracted file chf9000001.jar. Select the file, and then click Submit.
  4. Restart the ColdFusion instance.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 – 4 if there are multiple instances of ColdFusion. 

You do not need to keep the ColdFusion 9 cumulative hot fix JAR file after installing it with the ColdFusion Administrator. The file has been copied to the correct location.

The ColdFusion 9 cumulative hot fix JAR file appears as a new entry in the System Information list.

ColdFusion hot fix jars are uninstalled by stopping the ColdFusion application server and deleting the respective jars from cf_root/lib/updates.   


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