Fixes for these issues are currently being investigated for potential inclusion in an upcoming software release. Inclusion or exclusion in this list does not guarantee inclusion in or exclusion from future ColdFusion MX Updater or product releases.

CFML Tag (General)
48243 Query of queries cannot handle null columns with 'like' in the select statement.
48525 With ColdFusion MX Updater 1 applied, gridlines in reports generated through cfreport do not appear.
48529 When deleting scheduled tasks through the use of thecfschedule tag, the tasks continue to run as previously scheduled even though they have been deleted.

See TechNote 18361 for additional details.
48773 When using the Oracle OCI8 Type 2 driver or Oracle JDBC Thin Type 4 driver to insert blob data, the error "Error casting an object of type [B to an incompatible type" is generated.
49162 The DataDirect DB2 driver fails on a SQL query that joins two tables using table alias syntax.
50154 A mis-specified proc param (out vs inout) causes the server to hang with the DataDirect Oracle driver.
45663 When indexing or searching Verity collections with the cfindex tag with a type="custom" attribute, the Verity collection fails to index or return search results on HP-UX platforms.

See TechNote 18286 for additional details.
47751 When searching in K2 mode against a mapped VDK collection, search results from cfsearch return 0 records, whereas they work fine in VDK based searches.
49479 If .pdf is not specified in the "File Extensions" text field of the ColdFusion MX Administrator or .pdf in the extensions attribute of the cfindex tag, indexing PDF files created with Acrobat Distiller 4.x or higher will cause ColdFusion MX on Solaris to generate a core dump and restart.

See TechNote 18517 for additional details.
51176 Using CFIF inside CFQUERY causes Verity to not index the title of the document.The same documents indexed on CF 5 have their titles indexed.

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