Someusers have reported problems when they download the trial version of Adobe ColdFusion MX 7 from

Thedownload may appear to have been successful. However, when you attempt to run the downloaded installer, you see the error message, "Please select another location to extract the installer to."

This error message may indicate that the copy of the installer that youattempted to download was corrupted during the download process.

Download help

If you receive an error message during the download or if you are unable to install ColdFusion MX 7 using the downloaded file, it is likely that the download did not complete or was corrupted. The following information should help identify the problem and provide a solution:

Common causes and solutions for unsuccessful downloads:

There are several reasons why you may receive an error message during the download process, find that the process hangs, or receive an error message when you try to unzip or open the file. Simply downloading again may solve the problem, but check the following issues to see if they apply:

  1. The temporary internet file cache is too small to contain the file as it downloads.
    • Enlarge the temporary internet file cache: In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Temporary Internet Files > Settings, and increase the "Amount of disk space to use" setting to 150 MB (The default is 50 MB).
  2. You are using a download manager or download accelerator.
    • Download without the assistance of the manager or accelerator and this should solve the problem
  3. The browser you are using cannot handle such a large download file.
    • Try downloading using another browser (for example, Firefox instead of Internet Explorer).
  4. There is not enough space available on your hard drive to expand the installer into the default TEMP directory.
    • Clear your default TEMP directory and free up space on your hard drive.
  5. You are selecting Open rather than Save when asked if you would like to open the file or save to your computer.
    • Select the option to Save the file, then open the file when it has downloaded to your hard drive.
  6. Your computer may not have the system requirements needed to install.

  7. If you are using a Modem, then you may need to decrease the transmission speed.
  8. There is a software conflict with third party software.
    • You may need to remove the conflicting software or download the trial on another machine.

How to decrease the data transmission speed before downloading in Windows:

  1. Go to Start\Settings\Control Panel and open Modems.
  2. Click Properties and select the Connection tab.
  3. Click Port Settings and bring the Receive Buffer slider down a notch.
  4. Hit OK and try to download again.
  5. Once your file has been successfully received, you can go back and increase the buffer settings to where they were previously.

Installation help

After downloading the installer file, please review the installation information provided at the following location:

If you encounter problems installing ColdFusion MX 7 from the downloaded file:

  1. Make sure that you do not have any anti-virus software or pcAnywhere running. Having this type of software running during installation is known to cause problems with the installer.
  2. There are also problems with the installer and Dell OpenManage. If OpenManage is installed on the target system, make sure to disable it prior to running the installer.

If you continue to have difficulty downloading ColdFusion MX 7 or if you experience corruption issues, contact Customer Service.

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