Welcome to ColdFusion 10, a creative progression in Adobe's efforts to help web developers build robust Internet applications.

ColdFusion 10 Downloads

The following are the download locations for ColdFusion 10:

Location Description
ColdFusion 10 - Product Downloads Download a free Developer Edition or Trial Edition of ColdFusion 10.
ColdFusion 10 - Developer Tools Download tools that help you develop ColdFusion applications quickly and efficiently.
ColdFusion 10 - Additional Server Installations Download additional tools and integrate them with ColdFusion 10 server.

Release Highlights | What's New for ColdFusion 10

Besides the unique built-in support for HTML5, the release features enhanced security along with revamped Scheduler and Web Services support. The highpoints of the release include support for REST services, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, and substantial CFML enhancements. The following table lists all important articles for ColdFusion 10:

Location Description
What's New for ColdFusion 10
A quick summary of the new and enhanced features in this release.
Installing ColdFusion 10
Go through the document before you install ColdFusion 10.
Known Issues for ColdFusion 10
A list of known issues with this release.
ColdFusion 10 Documentation
Your entry point to ColdFusion 10 documentation.
Getting Started with ColdFusion 10
Learn ColdFusion 10 easily and efficiently.

Known Issues

The following are known issues for ColdFusion 10:

2961284  - In Internet Explorer 9, cfmediaplayer may not render the player. As a workaround, add html5 DOCTYPE, head, and body tags as shown in the example below:

<br> <!DOCTYPE html> <br> 
<br> <head></head><br> 
<body> code </body>
<br> </html><br>

3073887 - When a hot fix is uninstalled from the ColdFusion Administrator, the server does not restart automatically. You have to manually restart the ColdFusion server.

3066792 - Image metadata is lost if ImageGrayScale() is used with a TIFF image and the image is written as a TIFF.

3109813 - Remote server log files cannot be viewed in ColdFusion Server Manager.

3156476 - Only the root ColdFusion administrator has the permission to download/install/unintsall hotfixes from the ColdFusion administrator page. Users created from the User Manager page of the administrator will not have this privilege.

3158283 - Multipart/form-data file uploads fail on a J2EE deployment of ColdFusion on WebLogic 12c (12.1.1). This is known issue with Weblogic 12.1.1 (for more information, refer to Oracle Bug#13657792: "SERVLET 3.0 FILE UPLOAD BREAKS OTHER FILE UPLOAD FRAMEWORKS")

3161007 - Objects/templates will not be persisted on disk after you restart ColdFusion server. This is observed even if diskpersistent attribute is set to True in the properties struct passed to cacheSetProperties. To enable disk persistence, do the following:

  1. Set diskpersistent=true in ehcache.xml for default and any user-defined regions.
  2. Set diskpersistent=true in the properties struct passed to cacheRegionNew function when creating a new region

3160762 - Remote Start/Stop from Server Manager does not function for the following application servers:

  1. JBoss 7
  2. WebSphere AS and ND 7
  3. Tomcat 6 and 7

3162070 - WebServices Axis2 WSDL2 does not function on a J2EE deployment of ColdFusion on WebSphere application server if the installation directory of Websphere has folders with spaces (for example, Program Files).

3171058 - On Mac OS X, installing standalone SOLR in the default installation directory throws permission denied error. To resolve this issue, install SOLR in a non-default directory.

3177214 - On a UNIX based Platform (specifically Solaris), when the ColdFusion 10 DVD is mounted, the installer file and folder names might get truncated to eight characters and get converted to lower case. To resolve this, mount the DVD on a Windows machine and access the installers via FTP. The truncated filenames of Solaris installers are:

  • CF Main installer: coldfu_3.bin
  • Solr installer: coldfu_4.bin

2894449 - On some versions of Firefox, repeat attribute of cfmediaplayer tag is not supported

2894559 - CFMEDIAPLAYER does not support fullscreen attribute. Even after providing fullscreen= false player will not hide the fullscreen option from the player control bar.

2906946 - In FireFox, if the source attribute of the CFMEDIAPLAYER tag contains multiple files and none of them are supported, the onError event is not fired. This is a known issue with FireFox.

2913438 - For the CFMEDIAPLAYER tag, if multiple sources are specified in the source attribute or the source tag and none of the files can be played, nothing is displayed in Safari. This is browser-specific behavior.

2998530 - File upload operation using cffileupload does not function over https.

3014563 - In Internet Explorer 9, the value of the bgcolor attribute for the CFMEDIAPLAYER tag is ignored for HTML5 videos.

3014249 - After installing ColdFusion, the first invocation of .NET from ColdFusion does not work. You need to restart ColdFusion server.

3026799 - porttypename and serviceportname attributes of the CFCOMPONENT tag are ignored if Webservices Axis 2 engine is used for deploying CFC as a web service.

3094569 - WebSockets do not function on a ColdFusion cluster.

3096196 - Using Japanese characters for instance and cluster names will result in an error and prevent creation of other instances. As a workaround, delete the Japanese entries from [cf_home]\config\instances.xml or [cf_home]\config\cluster.xml.

3104705 - On Mac OS X, if ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion 10 are installed using different users accounts, the installation of ColdFusion 10 might complete with few errors.

In such a case, copy seed.properties located in \lib directory to \lib\cf9settings directory and restart the server.

3108028 - MIME types of different video formats should be configured in the Web server to enable  CFMEDIAPLAYER tag to render videos.

3110891 - On a JEE deployment of ColdFusion on WebLogic 10.3.4, ColdFusion authentication based  fails because WebLogic handles the basic authentication itself.

To resolve this issue:

Edit config.xml for WebLogic and add a tag before the following snippet:



3117486 - cfzip and cffile cannot read archives containing files with exotic characters (é, è, á, à) in file names.

2951053 - On Solaris-SPARC 10, configuring Sun Java Web Server might result in the following error:

"Error running Init function load-modules: dlopen of /opt//coldfusionzeus/config/wsconfig/1/nsapi_redirect.so failed (ld.so.1: webservd: fatal: libgcc_s.so.1: open failed: No such file or directory) failure: server initialization failed".

To resolve this error, do the following:

  1. Install gcc under /usr/local
  2. Go to startserv script in <sunjwshome}/{instance_name}/bin
  3. Edit startserv
  4. Append /usr/sfw/lib/sparcv9 to LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64 entry, which contains libgcc_s.so.1

3041846 - In the Multi Server Monitor, when you register two ColdFusion server instances running on the same machine with the same hostname, you may experience issues when fetching settings from the server resulting in DuplicateSessionException on the server. To resolve this issue, register different aliases for the same IP address in the hosts file and associate each alias with one ColdFusion server instance.

3042725 - JSP files will not be served if they are present in the webroot of web server. They need to be placed in webroot of ColdFusion server.

3042289 - Solr does not index files from In-Memory Virtual File System.

3043518 - cfexchangetask tag does not allow setting the dateCompleted value for a task. It is automatically set to the current system time when the status field is set to completed or percentCompleted is set to 100.

3045055 - If a new website is created using IIS manager after ColdFusion is configured with "All" sites option, the following virtual directories need to be created manually for the new site:

  1. CFIDE - /cfusion/wwwroot/CFIDE
  2. jakarta - /config/wsconfig/

3125994 - When using Dreamweaver extensions for ColdFusion, tag attributes ending with style (for example, pieslicestyle or tipstyle in cfchart tag) will not be listed.

3130245 - ColdFusion.MediaPlayer.setTitle method ignores any text color value specified using the style attribute of the CFMEIDAPLAYER tag.

3130306 - J2EE archives (EAR/WAR) created from the ColdFusion Administrator may not get deployed on J2EE application servers. To resolve this, create a ColdFusion archive (CAR) of your application and manually deploy it on a J2EE deployment of ColdFusion.

3129813 - Uninstalling ColdFusion does not uninstall any instances created using the Instance Manager in the ColdFusion Admininstrator. To resolve this, stop all ColdFusion instances before uninstalling to facilitate a clean uninstall.

3134839 - On Linux platforms with SELinux enabled, configuring Apache connector may not function if SELinux is configured to run in enforcing mode. To resolve this, switch SELinux to run in permissive mode temporarily , install the Apache Connector, and then configure the security context of the connector. To switch SELinux to run in permissive mode, use the following command:

echo 0 >/selinux/enforce

3139538 - ImageWriteBase64 may not function on JBoss 7 application server. Please add an entry for con/sun/image/codec/jpeg in module.xml located at modules/sun/jdk/mudule.xml.

3140297 - Closures can only be defined in script code (i.e. either in cfscript or script style CFCs). Defining closures within an expression (between hashes) or using tag syntax is not allowed.

3141801 - cfspreadsheet tag does not add time stamp accurately when adding a new row in an  excel sheet.

3144420 - With ehcache 2.5.1, the last access time API for an element will return its creation time, which was previously 0 (ZERO). For a new element, the lastupdated field in cacheGetMetadata, is same as its creation time.

3101550 - When using the Hotfix installer to apply a hotfix to multiple instances, some instances may not be listed in the instance selection screen if the number of instances are high.

3156251 - In JBoss application server, version 7 or later, start JBoss with the following flag if OpenOffice is not functioning:

-Djava.ext.dirs=/cfusion.ear/cfusion.war/WEB-INF/cfusion/lib/oosdk/:/lib/ext/ (':' is for unix-based machines; for windows, use ';')

You will also need to add the following to the module.xml located in the folder /modules/sun/jdk/main  directory:

<path name="com/sun/star/lib/loader"/>

3092735 - To configure connector to a site running on 32-bit application pool, check the checkbox Configure 32-bit web server when running the wsconfig tool. This is applicable to 64-bit windows operating systems.    

3171282 - If localhost mapping is not specified in /etc/hosts file, connector configuration might fail for a cluster setup. As a workaround, specify localhost mapping in /etc/hosts file. For example, localhost.

3176261 - In the ColdFusion Administrator, Configuring ColdFusion 10 Administrator Help content is available only in English. To view the Help content in Japanese, do the following:

  1. Go to [cf_home]/wwwroot/CFIDE/administrator folder.
  2. Rename the folder help as help_en.
  3. Create a new folder called help.
  4. Extract the contents of ColdFusion_10_Admin_Help_jp.zip (found in the Extensions_and_Plugins folder on the DVD or in the ColdFusion_10_Extras_WWEJ.zip file if purchased from the website) to the help folder.
  5. Launch the ColdFusion Administrator, open any page, click on "?" icon (to the left of LOGOUT link).

3166544 - REST serialization error messages (for example, "XML parsing failure" or "JSON parsing failure") in Japanese contain some unrecognized characters. Likewise, date object serialized from REST in Japanese contains unrecognized characters in month part of the date.

3167953 - In Linux, on a J2EE deployment of ColdFusion on WebLogic 12c, cfpop action=getall results in an error.

3175028 - On non-windows platforms, Apache web server needs to be restarted after executing the ./wsconfig -upgrade command.

3086636 - On a J2EE deployment of ColdFusion, accessing server monitor from multi-server monitor using the application server port (for exampe, port 7001 in case of WebLogic) does not work. As a workaround, use jetty server port.

3158630 - Server Manager does not show any scheduled tasks if there are tasks belonging to non-default groups on the server.

3167776 - XML parsing and PDFForms may fail on WebLogic because of the stricter parsing behavior of saxon parser that is in use instead of xerces. To workaround, force WebLogic to use xerces either by adding the following JVM argument:

-Djavax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory=org.apache.xalan.processor.TransformerFactoryImpl (n.b. xerces.jar needs to be in weblogic's classpath)

or by executing the following code on server startup.

3089347 - ORM Search does not work in a clustered deployment of ColdFusion.

3174989 - RDS cannot be enabled while installing ColdFusion using the silent installer. You can enable it after the installation from the administrator.

3148178 - cffileupload control does not maintain the session if ColdFusion uses J2EE session for its session management. The workaround is to disable J2EE session.

3165627 - On a J2EE deployment of ColdFusion, log files can't be deleted from the ColdFusion administrator.

3181617 - If second level caching is enabled in an ORM application, subsequent requests, after the application times out, may produce the following exception.

Another CacheManager with same name already exists in the same VM