Adobe® ColdFusion® Builder™ Read Me

Welcome to Adobe® ColdFusion® Builder™ 1.0 Update 1 Read Me. This release has fixed some critical bugs related to code editing and project import.

This document helps you install the updater. It also provides details of the issues fixed in this release.

Installation instructions

Follow the steps provided here to install ColdFusion Builder Update 1.

Note: You need admin privileges to perform updates.

  1. As administrator, launch ColdFusion Builder 1.0.
    • Note: For Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 2008 Server, right-click the ColdFusion Builder icon and then select Run as administrator. 
  2. From the Help menu, select Adobe ColdFusion Builder Updates. The updater files are downloaded and silently installed.
  3. When you see the successful update prompt, do the following: 

    • (For standalone installation) Restart ColdFusion Builder
    • (For plug-in Installation) Start ColdFusion Builder using the following command:

      eclipse –clean

Note: You can also install ColdFusion Builder Update 1 using Adobe Updater that appears in the system tray.

Build description

Build Number
ColdFusion Builder 1.0
ColdFusion Builder 1.0 Update 1
  • If you have multiple ColdFusion Builder installations, only the latest installation is updated. Even if you attempt to update an older installation, automatically the updates are applied to the latest installation of ColdFusion Builder.
  • Updater does not delete or replace old plug-in JARs. After you uninstall ColdFusion Builder Update 1, you must manually clean up the installation folder before you reinstall the updater (if you use the same installation folder).
  • To install ColdFusion Builder Update 1 using Adobe Updater, you must have JRE in the system path. Else, you encounter the following error message: "Could not find a valid Java Virtual Machine to load. You may need to reinstall a supported Java Virtual Machine" .
  • On Windows 7 and Windows Vista, if ColdFusion Builder is installed in a non-default location (that is, outside the Program Files directory) or if ColdFusion Builder is installed as an Eclipse™ plug-in, ColdFusion Builder fails to block a non-administrator user from installing the updates. Non-administrator user will be able to install the updates, but they might not function.
  • If a non-administrator user clicks Help > Adobe ColdFusion Builder Updates, ColdFusion Builder identifies the updates even if ColdFusion Builder is up-to-date. ColdFusion Builder downloads the latest updates but fails to install them.
  • On Mac OS, you must ensure that the owner of the directory /Users/<username>/Library/Application support/Adobe is <username> and not root. This is required since the updater file is downloaded to /Users/<username>/Library/Application support/Adobe/Updater6.

Issues fixed in this release

BugID Description
80222 Screen position wobbles back and forth (horizontally) when you type long lines of code.
80598 Code-folded functions expand automatically while you edit a file.
82119 While working with JavaScript code, if you press Enter, Code Assist appears.
82358 Out of Memory exception on Windows while importing large projects.

Fixing of this bug has improved import performance for large projects.
82451 Sometimes, copying and pasting code results in StackOverflowError.
82540 Refactoring a simple variable in a function in CFScript results in incorrect renaming of all struct variables.
82817 Assume that you are using SourceGear Vault as a ColdFusion Builder plug-in, and you have checked out a file. In this case, if you press any shortcut buttons on the tool bar or use the corresponding keyboard shortcuts, SourceGear Vault will attempt to check out the file again, resulting in an error.

This fix also resolves some issues common to the version control plug-ins for ColdFusion Builder.


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