Ask the Community Expert

Past Recordings

Marketing Cloud

Date Subject Recording
Developing custom services to customize AEM Link
10/28/2014 Testing AEM Applications with ease Link
11/24/2014 Getting Started with AEM Apps Link
11/28/2014 Replication Link
2/17/2015 Building login-based sites in AEM Link
3/24/2015 AEM Workflows Link
4/21/2015 Touch UI components Link
5/26/2015 Adobe Experience Manager & Sling Link
6/23/2015 Adobe Experience Manager Technical Documentation Link
7/28/2015 Advanced AEM component development Link
8/25/2015 Personalization & segmentation with AEM & Adobe Campaign Link
9/29/2015 AEM & Dispatcher Link
10/27/2015 AEM & integration with other Digital Marketing products Link
11/24/2015 AEM Apps Deep Dive Link
1/19/2016 Deep Dive into AEM and translations Link
2/23/2016 Developing AEM Sling Components using Brackets Link
3/29/2016 Deep Dive into developing AEM components using HTL
4/19/2016 Working with AEM Forms Link
5/24/2016 Deep Dive into AEM Communities Link
6/21/2016 AEM Forms dive into Document Services Link
7/19/2016 Preparing for Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam Link
8/23/2016 Working with Experience Manager and eCommerce Link
9/20/2016 Best Practices for Experience Manager and AEM Assets Link
10/25/2016 Comparative Architecture Analysis of large scale Experience Manager Installations Link
11/29/2016 Best Practices for using Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign Link
1/26/2017 Integrating Test and Target with Adobe Experience Manager for Personalization use cases Link
3/28/2017 Getting the most out of digital interactions with AEM and Analytics Link
4/25/2017 Building responsive layouts using Bootstrap and Angular JS in Experience Manager Link
5/23/2017 Using Lazybones and Editable template in AEM projects Link
6/27/2017 AEM Assets and Dynamic Media Link
7/25/2017 Develop with the Dispatcher in mind for AEM Link
8/29/2017 Working with Experience Manager Core Components Link
9/26/2017 ContextHub in AEM Link
11/28/2017 Understanding AEM Communities Link
1/30/2018 Using Multi-site Management with AEM Link

Date Subject Recording
1/25/18 Discovering & Managing Audiences for Maturity Link
12/12/17 Ask the Community Expert: How Auto-Target &
Automated Personalization Enhance Customer Experiences
11/14/17 Integration Webinar: AEM LiveFyre + Adobe Target Link
10/26/17 Governance Best Practices and Scaling Your
Optimization Program
9/28/17 Analytics-Target Integration 101: Use Cases and
Customer Success
8/31/17 Tips, Tricks and Triumphs from the Trenches: Our
Power Users and Consultants Share their Secrets of Success
7/31/17 Target H1 Review, Roadmap, and Transition Link
7/27/17 Best practices to optimize your site search Link
6/29/17 Adobe Target Everywhere Link
5/25/17 Rethinking Recommendations Link
4/27/17 Location-based Personalization in Mobile and
Internet of Things
4/6/17 Transformation of Search to Customer Intent
3/30/17 Leveraging Adobe Summit Link
2/23/17 Maximizing ROI & Insights Link
11/17/16 Adobe Target - One Click Personalization Link
10/18/16 Mobile Optimization Webinar Series | Second
10/4/16 Mobile Optimization Webinar Series | First
5/10/16 Adobe Target Innovation Series | Second Webinar Link
4/28/16 Adobe Target Innovation Series | First Webinar Link
2/23/16 Adobe Target January Enhancement Webinar Link

Analytics Cloud

Date Subject Recording
  Data Science Capabilities in Adobe Analytics Link
  Segmented and Calculated Metrics Link
  Workspace Visualizations  
6/29/17 Managing portfolios during peak seasons (NA) Link
8/9/17 Managing portfolios during peak seasons (EMEA) Link
9/26/17 Data Feeds  
  Analytics & Target Integration  
  Fall Release Link
10/24/17 Pathing, Flow, and Fallout  
11/29/17 Making Informed Decisions with Simulations (NA) Link
12/5/17 Making Informed Decisions with Simulations (EMEA) Link
12/7/17 Making Informed Decisions with Simulations (APAC) Link
1/16/18 Snapchat Advertising (1) Link
1/18/18 Snapchat Advertising (2) Link

Advertising Cloud

Date Subject Recording
1/16/17 Learn how Build/Manage Snap Ads via the Ad Cloud in a Snap! [NA & EMEA] Link
1/18/17 Learn how Build/Manage Snap Ads via the Ad Cloud in a Snap! [APAC] Link

Date Subject Recording
06/29/17 Managing Portfolios during Peak Seasons [NA] N/A
08/08/17 Managing Portfolios during Peak Seasons [EMEA & APAC] N/A
10/05/17 Advanced Campaign Management [NA] Link
10/26/17 Advanced Campaign Management [EMEA & APAC] Link
11/29/17 Using Simulations to make informed decisions [NA] Link
12/5/17 Using Simulations to make informed decisions [EMEA] Link
12/7/17 Using Simulations to make informed decisions [APAC] Link

Platform & Core Services

Launch, by Adobe

Date Subject Recording
11/14/17 Demo of Launch, by Adobe (Rudi Shumpert) Link
11/21/17 Demo of Launch, by Adobe (Corey Spencer) Link
11/19/17 Demo of Launch, by Adobe (Rudi Shumpert) Link
1/30/18 Demo of Launch, by Adobe (Updated) (Rudi Shumpert) Link
1/31/18 Demo of Launch, by Adobe (Updated) (Rudi Shumpert) Link

Core Services

Date Subject Recording
12/15/16 Deploying Marketing Cloud ID Service using DTM Link
1/25/17 DTM - Single Page Apps Link
9/27/17 Changes to the Adobe Admin Console Link