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Maximize your creative potential with the Adobe Community Experts Program. Leverage your expertise to help fellow users and connect with a community that shares your passion. 

What is the Adobe Community Experts Program?

The Adobe Community Experts Program consists of teachers, creatives, freelancers, authors, publishers, bloggers, hobbyists, content creators, educators, trainers, and industry influencers from among our customer base who use their experience and expertise to guide, educate, and inspire the current and next generation of Adobe software users.

As community leaders in their field, they exemplify the program values of sharing their product expertise, with a passion for fostering creativity, supporting their peers, and problem-solving.

They do this by contributing to the Adobe Support Community, creating video tutorials, helping our Adobe customer base in external communities and channels (Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc.), being part of one or more pre-release programs, or speaking or organizing industry events, among other activities.

We have approximately 400 Community Experts all around the globe, in over 45 countries, and speaking over 20 different languages.

Meet some of our members

Mohammed Jogie

Mohammed Jogie

South Africa

Adobe Community Expert since 2010

I've hosted workshops across the globe, making Adobe tools accessible to several audiences. 

I'm the founder of Creativeweek. I studied fine art, graphic design, and multimedia. My post-grad research focuses on circular and regenerative design. Having done work for several tech multinationals, I'm now the head of Strategy and Design at Morning Star Design, a creative training school, and bespoke design consultancy. I'm active on the design scene, too. I have served as Vice President of Ico-D, and as a board member of Think, DSA, and Cafe. I'm also a member of the IxDA, ISTD, City and Guilds, PADI, Index, Indigo, and sit on the REC of PSA. I am a leader in the MPPC and 20x20 design democracy initiatives.

Theresa Jackson

Theresa Jackson

United States

Adobe Community Expert since 2010

I have been a member of the Adobe Support Community since 2010.

My business, Orchard View Color, provides photography, design, and software training for small businesses and individuals. I also teach design classes for MiraCosta Community College in north San Diego County. I have five Lightroom courses on Linkedin Learning along with courses on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dimension. I can frequently be found evangelizing the wonders of Lightroom for photography clubs, user groups, and conference attendees. I love helping photographers comprehend the complexity of the Lightroom ecosystem so they can take full advantage of all it has to offer.

Monika Guase

Monika Guase


Adobe Community Expert since 2010


I'm a graphic designer and help people in the Illustrator community.

I'm also helping in Facebook groups, and wherever I come across an interesting problem.

After being involved in the production of a couple of interactive installations in museums, I'm now a freelancer designing mostly for print.

Besides writing about Illustrator in magazines and a book, I'm a lecturer at the University of Lüneburg, Germany. I have produced a couple of LinkedIn Learning courses on Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer and Inkspace.

Euan Williamson

Kevin Stohlmeyer

United States

Adobe Community Expert since 2011

I am a designer and instructor with 30+ years of experience in digital illustration.

I have been teaching professionally since 2000. I love educating others and sharing my passion for technology and design. You could say I'm a self-proclaimed geek!

My experience with publications, workflows, and digital imaging enhances my credibility as an Adobe Certified Instructor, Community Expert, and Ambassador.

I founded the Milwaukee User Group in 2007. I have been featured in Photoshop User Magazine, InDesign Magazine, and Adobe Inspire Magazine.

I've also been a featured speaker at events and conferences for AIGA, Adobe MAX, Adobe Creative Now, Photoshop World, and the Adobe Creative Cloud tour. 

Myra Ferguson

Myra Ferguson

United States

Adobe Community Expert since 2014

I'm an Adobe Community Expert, Certified Instructor, and User Group Manager. 

I'm never satisfied settling for one Adobe product. Every time there's a new Adobe app, feature, or service, I can't wait to try it out and see how I can add it to my repertoire. I speak at events and answer questions on multiple Adobe communities. My time is divided between authoring skill assessments for Linkedin, and various projects for Adobe, and teaching part-time at the University of Colorado Boulder. I spend my spare time playing Beat Saber and Walkabout Mini Golf on my Oculus Quest 2. I joined Adobe's Substance 3D Modeler beta, so I could play with creating 3D in a virtual environment on it.

Celeste Gaudice

Celeste Guidice

United States

Adobe Community Expert since 2016

Apart from being an Adobe Community Expert, I founded the Nashua Adobe User Group in 2012.

It's a great day when I've been able to help someone in the community solve a problem, they're having so they can get on with having fun and creating.

I run my own commercial photography studio in Nashua, NH, have published three books and have been teaching Lightroom, Photoshop (and other Adobe apps) to individuals in-person and online for the past several years.

I'm the creative mind behind the monthly Lightroom Remix It Challenge. I've now discovered that I love geographic and travel photography workshops, so I try to take part in these as much as I can.

Euan Williamson

Lucien Schilling


Adobe Community Expert since 2017

I have a bachelor's degree in IT Technologies from the University of Luxembourg.

I'm a Photoshop user since Photoshop 2.5 and I evolved into 3D computer graphics, graphic art design, and photography.

I started my professional career as a system manager and programmer with an international engineering company. 

Today, I mainly help in the Stock Contributor Community, but I can also be found elsewhere.

Monika Guase

Andrea Batts-Latson

United States

Adobe Community Expert since 2017

I use my talent and skills to teach, educate, inspire, and make a difference.

I've always wanted to be a teacher. I remember as far back as 7 years old. Jump back to college, when I was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disorder, dyslexia, and short-term memory loss.

I was told I would never be able to be a teacher. I was crushed and heartbroken. Someone believed that I could achieve it despite my difficulties, so I learned my process and the things I needed to do to succeed. I chose to design and teach. This is what I am doing now, this is what fuels my passion. This is how I am an Adobe Community Expert today.

Euan Williamson

Euan Williamson

United Kingdom

Adobe Community Expert since 2019

I began using Photoshop 30 years ago and progressed to Premiere, Audition, and many more.

I can remember the pre-internet era and how difficult it was to learn software, so I'm happy to help in the Adobe Support Community.

There's always something new to learn for all of us. I live in Scotland, am retired, spend my time with family, and enjoy cars, food, and traveling.

My phone is always on hand to shoot pictures and videos.

Why become an Adobe Community Expert

The Adobe Community Experts Program offers a platform for those who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. In this program, you get the opportunity to elevate your skills and join a network of 350+ creative professionals from all over the world. Here are some of the benefits you can expect: 

  • Highlight yourself: Set yourself apart from the crowd with the Adobe Community Expert badge on the Adobe Support Community profile and on any platform. 
  • Get early access to product news: Get exclusive updates on the latest feature releases and receive early access to what's next on Adobe's roadmap. 
  • Build connections: Get the opportunity to engage with other Adobe Community Experts from around the world and build your network through virtual events.
  • Make an impact: There are opportunities for you to share product feedback directly with the Adobe Product Teams and help shape the future of the Adobe Support Community.
  • Earn rewards: Participate in creative challenges, and earn points including gift cards, branded items, and other software benefits. Also, all our Experts receive a free Creative Cloud All Apps subscription as long as they remain with us. 

How to join the Adobe Community Experts Program

You are an ideal fit to be an Adobe Community Expert if you are:

  • an expert in one or more pieces of Adobe software.
  • a social media savvy.
  • an empathetic communicator.
  • passionate about helping others succeed.
  • looking for a way to get recognized by Adobe for your expertise.

Whether you're working towards becoming a super user in the Adobe Support Community,  regularly creating content on any social media platform educating the Adobe customer base or even hosting or speaking at industry events about Adobe software, we're looking for you.

Take the next steps by completing the application form, and join the Adobe Community Experts Program today.


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