FTP server checker error codes

The Contribute FTP server checker is a tool that enables you to diagnose problems when a connection cannot be established in Contribute using FTP. The Checker generates a report of tests that are conducted on the server and displays the results. In cases where a test fails, Contribute displays the error along with a list of raw FTP commands and an error code. This TechNote lists the description of each error codes that the tool generates. You or your administrator can use this report to further diagnose connection problems. If the problem is not resolved, check out FTP Server Checker (tn_19012).

FTP Server Checker error codes and description

Error Code Description
0 UNKNOWN, // -- Should be rare and only used by protocol code
2 CANCELED, // Cancel() was called before operation completed
3 UNKNOWN_HOST, // host lookup failed
4 CONNECT_FAILED, // Should provide more detailed syndrome.
5 TIMED_OUT, // A network operation timed out
6 LOGIN_FAILED, // Authentication failed
7 PROTOCOL_ERROR, // Server and client don't agree on the protocol.
8 UNKNOWN_PROTOCOL, // Could not load an appropriate protocol library
9 CHANNEL_OPEN, // Tried to open an already open channel
10 CHANNEL_CLOSED, // Tried to do an operation on a closed channel
11 OPERATION_PENDING, // Tried to do an operation before an async one completed
12 BAD_PARAMETERS, // An argument to a call is incorrect. Should have syndrome field.
13 RESOURCE_EXISTS, // Attempt to create a file/directory, where one exists
14 RESOURCE_DOESNT_EXIST, // File/directory not found, and so on
15 RESOURCE_IN_USE, // File/directory open/locked/CD'ed to, and so on
16 ACCESS_DENIED, // Permissions, or likely permissions failure.
17 OUT_OF_DISK, // Out of quota or capacity
18 LOCAL_IO_ERROR, // Error reading or writing stream passed in
19 REMOTE_IO_ERROR, // Error reading or writing remote resource
20 NOT_EMPTY, // Attempt to remove a nonempty directory
21 NOT_DIRECTORY, // Attempt to do a directory operation on a file
22 NOT_FILE, // Attempt to do a file operation on a directory.
23 BAD_PATHNAME, // The protocol did not like the characters in the path
24 NOT_IMPLEMENTED // Protocol doesn't implement the operation


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