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Add fonts to desktop apps through Creative Cloud

Learn how to choose from hundreds of fonts from Typekit for use in your desktop applications. (Watch, 6 min)

FromCraig Goodman

Browse and manage fonts for all of your desktop apps.

A great font can make your design. You have access to hundreds of desktop fonts through the Typekit service. This service is included with a subscription to a Creative Cloud complete plan, a single-app plan, or a standalone Typekit plan.  

The Typekit service has been hosting web fonts for some time, but desktop fonts from Typekit are new to Creative Cloud. To start using fonts on your desktop, just open the Creative Cloud desktop app and click the Fonts panel. Follow the steps to browse and choose fonts on the Typekit website, and then sync them to your desktop computer. You can use fonts from Typekit in all of your installed applications that support desktop fonts, including your Adobe apps.

Check out the video to see how this works. If you have questions, check out our help area for syncing fonts with Creative Cloud.

Choosing fonts from Typekit (1:08); Syncing a desktop font (2:46); Using a font in Illustrator (4:00)

It’s that simple. Let’s review:

Get Typekit fonts through Creative Cloud

Open your Creative Cloud desktop app and click the Fonts panel.

You need to be logged into Creative Cloud

Log into Creative Cloud to make fonts available in your desktop apps.

Desktop fonts from Typekit work in all of your apps

You can use fonts from Typekit in your Adobe and non-Adobe apps that support desktop fonts.

Fonts work even if you’re offline

You need to connect to browser for new fonts, but the ones you’ve synced will work offline.

Manage your desktop fonts online

Use the Typekit service in Creative Cloud to find new fonts or delete fonts you’re not using.

Get more info on using desktop fonts

Check out the detailed guide, Adobe Typekit for designers.

Congratulations, you’re done!

We hope you’re ready to add more fonts through Creative Cloud.


Craig Goodman

Craig is group manager for content planning for Creative Cloud Learn at Adobe.