Build a unique 3D character with customizable body parts and clothing with Adobe Fuse.

Choose a body form

Click Assemble at the top of the screen to enter the Assemble workspace. This workspace provides access to a library of interchangeable parts that you can use to build a character body. 

Click the Head library and find the head labeled Male Scan A.

Hold down shift and click his head to automatically assemble the appropriate torso, arms, and legs on the canvas.

Tip: You can click through the torso, arm, and leg menus to select custom body parts.


Customize your body form

Switch to the Customize workspace and move your mouse over the body of your character. As you move, you'll see highlighted areas that indicate the parts of the character mesh you can customize. 

Click on the shoulder to make it the Active Region.

Most areas have four controls - mouse up, down, left, and right. Drag up to increase the size of the traps, and drag right to increase the size of the delts.  

You can also fine tune any of the body customizations by using the sliders in the Customize options panel.


Add clothing

Switch to the Clothing workspace. Here you'll find a library of tops, bottoms, shoes, hair and more to dress your character.  

Click the Tops library to open it and choose the Relaxed Tank. Then select the Bottoms library and choose Athletic Pant. Do the same for shoes, and hair.


Edit clothing fabric

Switch to the Texture workspace. Then select your character's shirt. A series of controls appear showing the various areas of the shirt that you can manipulated.

Click Main - Satin. This will activate the Substances libraries across the bottom of the canvas. You can also change the substance of other clothing areas.


Change clothing fabric

Select the Synthetic library and choose Spandex as your material. Hover over the fabric thumbnails to see their names. 

After choosing your material, use the Color and Crease Intensity controls in the Main_Fabric options to change the shirt color and fabric intensity. Each substance has a unique set of controls you can adjust.


Refine your character

Since you don't have to work linearly in Fuse, you can go back and alter any part of your character at any time. 

Click the Clothing workspace and open the Tops library and choose Long Sleeve Athletic to complete your character. 


Export your finished character

When you are happy with your 3D character, choose one of the two export options in the upper right:

  • Save to CC Libraries prepares your rigged characters for use with Photoshop, where you can use the Properties panel to pose or animate and place your character into any creative project.
  • Save to Mixamo sends your character to Mixamo's website, where you can choose from hundreds of character animations and export to your preferred 3D format.
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