Learn how the video and audio tools in Creative Cloud help professionals and hobbyists alike seamlessly work on projects: managing media, fine-tuning edits, perfecting audio, adjusting color, and more.

The Adobe Creative Cloud video and audio editing tools can meet the needs of any professional or hobbyist — and you get access to all of these applications with your Creative Cloud membership.

Video production and editing hub

Use Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit your videos and send projects back and forth between the other applications to perform specialized tasks.

Cinematic visual effects

Use Adobe After Effects CC to create motion graphics, composite video, and apply special effects to your videos.

Erasing, repairing, and creating sounds

Use Adobe Audition CC to remove noise from audio and video files and even create your own music and audio mixes.

Video files for any screen

Use Adobe Media Encoder CC to export video projects to a wide variety of formats including presets for popular video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Film finishing and color grading

Use Adobe SpeedGrade CC to color-correct your video and add unique looks to your videos.

Metadata ingest, logging, and rough cuts

Use Adobe Prelude CC to move videos from camera to computer, transcode to different formats, log metadata to video files, and even assemble a rough cut to send to Premiere Pro.

Collaborative screenwriting and scheduling

Use Adobe Story CC Plus as a professional-level script writing tool and even for creating video production reports.


Contributors: Maxim Jago, Steve Scott

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