30 days of CC tutorials

30 days of CC tutorials

Get the most out of your Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Watch a video a day for a month to expand your design repertoire. (Watch, 2 hours)

Adobe Evangelist Terry White shows you how to take your designs to the next level. Experiment with these techniques and discover new ways to express your creativity.

Day 1 of 30

How to add a reflection with Adobe Photoshop CC

Enhance portraits by adding reflections to flat surfaces like floors and tables. This mirror-like effect adds polish and depth to your photographs.

Day 2 of 30

How to add a Tumblr blog to your Adobe Muse site

See how easy it is to embed a Tumblr blog on a page of your Adobe Muse website. Your clients can use their Tumblr account to post new content online. 

Day 3 of 30

How to create a logo in Adobe Illustrator CC

Follow step-by-step instructions to create vector artwork and make your own custom logo designs from scratch. 

Day 4 of 30

How to edit videos on your iPhone with Premiere Clip

Get started with Adobe Premiere Clip. Sync files on your iPhone with Creative Cloud to continue editing on your iPad, then switch to your computer and finish editing the video with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Day 5 of 30

How to wrap text around objects In Adobe InDesign CC

Learn how to make text flow around different types of objects in Adobe InDesign. Explore different methods of text wrapping to create unique layouts. 

Day 6 of 30

How to match the exposure across photos in Adobe Lightroom 5 

Apply the tonal exposure of one image to multiple photos in your library using this simple technique in Lightroom 5. Create visual consistency in your slideshows.

Day 7 of 30

How to build templates with Smart Objects in Photoshop

Discover the flexibility of working with Smart Objects. Create custom templates that are easy to edit and reuse.

Day 8 of 30

How to create slideshows in Adobe Muse

Experiment with using Slideshow widgets to add interactive photo galleries to your Adobe Muse website.

Day 9 of 30

How to create sketches using Adobe Draw on your iPad and finalize them using Adobe Illustrator CC 

Design art anywhere using a mobile-to-desktop workflow. Begin drawing illustrations on a tablet, then switch to your computer to enhance the artwork in Illustrator.

Day 10 of 30

How to add Adobe Typekit desktop fonts and Creative Cloud Market assets to your projects

Create compelling text content by applying Typekit fonts. See how easy it is to access Typekit fonts and CC Market assets and use them in your design work.

Day 11 of 30

How to use your iPad to tell a story using Adobe Voice

Record an audio track with Adobe Voice and then add images to create a short narrative to share with friends. 

Day 12 of 30

How to create photo books using the Lightroom 5 Book Module

Build a portfolio and document special events with photo books. Design layout spreads like a pro in Lightroom 5.

Day 13 of 30

How to add ReCAPTCHA on Adobe Muse contact forms to reduce spam

Thwart scripts that target online forms by enabling the ReCAPTCHA feature. Require users to identify random characters so your site receives fewer spam submissions.

Day 14 of 30

How to work with green screen footage to apply chroma key effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 

Learn how to create composite video effects in Premiere Pro with the Ultra Key filter. Add new background footage to a clip using this popular motion graphic technique.

Day 15 of 30

Create interactive ePub, DPS, and PDF files by adding links to text and objects. Add navigation, table of contents, and FAQs to build an immersive online experience.  

Day 16 of 30

How to install and uninstall your Creative Cloud apps 

Follow along with these simple steps to install and uninstall your Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps. Uninstalling and reinstalling apps is a helpful troubleshooting technique.

Day 17 of 30

How to display animated signatures using Adobe After Effects CC

Animate the signing of a signature in Adobe After Effects with the Write On effect. Add an elegant touch with handwriting that appears before the viewer's eyes. 

Day 18 of 30

How to capture vector art with Adobe Shape and create patterns with the shapes in Adobe Illustrator 

Use your iPhone to take photos, convert them to vectors with Adobe Shape, sync the files to Creative Cloud, and open the shapes in Adobe Illustrator to create a pattern.

Day 19 of 30

How to configure Adobe Muse sites to allow your clients to update their own web content

Set up the InBrowser Editing features in Adobe Muse. Empower your clients to make simple text and image changes to revise their website without writing any code.

Day 20 of 30

How to add a metallic appearance to logos in Photoshop 

Make your brand stand out. Apply Layer Style effects to objects in Photoshop to make them look like metal or plastic using this non-destructive editing technique.

Day 21 of 30

How to use virtual copies in Lightroom to deliver multiple versions of photos 

Leverage the Virtual Copy feature in Lightroom to deliver different iterations of the same photo to your clients. Crop images, convert to black and white, apply effects, and more.

Day 22 of 30

Automatically generate Live Captions below photos in InDesign 

Populate Live Captions with metadata that displays under photos in your Adobe InDesign layout. Save time and avoid typing captions manually with this cool tip.

Day 23 of 30

How to mask moving objects in video clips using Premiere Pro

Work with the built-in masking tools to isolate and apply effects to moving objects in your video footage. This helpful technique makes it easy to obscure faces and logos.

Day 24 of 30

How to change the background of an image in Photoshop 

Create composite shots from multiple photos. Learn how to mask out a foreground subject and add a different background image using Photoshop. 

Day 25 of 30

How to add an image map to an image in Adobe Muse

Create clickable tooltips, product demos, and contextual pop-up windows by defining trigger hotspots on an image.

Day 26 of 30

How to draw with the Pencil tool in Adobe Illustrator

Explore tips and tricks to draw vector paths using the improved Pencil tool. Discover new ways to create shapes.

Day 27 of 30

How to share files and folders in Creative Cloud 

Work with your creative team and ensure everyone is using the same version of files. Share assets and project folders on Adobe Creative Cloud and access them anywhere.

Day 28 of 30

How to place a photo inside a text frame in Adobe InDesign 

Add creative flourishes to your layouts. See how to place an image that appears behind text content in Adobe InDesign.

Day 29 of 30

How to rank, rate, and mark photos in Lightroom 5

Organize your photos and make your favorite shots easy to locate. See how to apply flags, star ratings, and color labels. Add likes and comments via the web using any device.

Day 30 of 30

How to mask out areas of an image in Photoshop 

Use layer masks to isolate a portion of an image from its background. Mask out unwanted pixels and composite multiple photos with non-destructive editing in Photoshop.

Terry White

Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist Terry White provides experts tips and tricks, walking you through everything you need to know about what’s new for designers in Adobe Creative Cloud.