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Read answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Help for Creative Cloud products.

The Community Help application (aka Adobe Help Manager) is no longer available, and is not installed with your Creative Cloud (CC) product. Help for your CC product is available online in a browser, or you can download it offline as a PDF.

You can access product Help on the Adobe website. For information on downloading the product's Help PDF, see Using offline Help in Adobe products.

You can view your product's Help when you are not connected to the Internet by downloading the product's Help PDF. For more information, see Using offline Help in Adobe products.

You can configure your Creative Cloud product to open the Help PDF on your computer when you select a Help menu choice or press F1. For more information, see Use the Help PDF from within your Adobe product


The Help PDF displays the published month and year. However, it's important to note that the Help PDF is the version of the product Help that released with your product. It's possible that it's not the most up-to-date version. Product Help available on the Adobe website is the most up-to-date, and is periodically updated to include information even after the product released.


If context-sensitive Help is implemented for your product, you can access the Help topic associated with a user-interface element (dialog box, panel, editor) when you are connected to the Internet. Depending on the function you're using, you can access context-sensitive Help in the following ways:

  • pressing F1 (Win)
  • clicking the Help button
  • clicking the question-mark icon

The related Help topic opens in a web page in your default browser.


Help for previous product versions of the product is available as PDF files in the Previous Versions Help archive page. You can access Help archive pages from a product Help Hub page.

For example, if you are looking for CS6 Help for After Effects, do the following:

  1. Go to the After Effects Help Hub page.
  2. In the Help and tutorials section, click the Previous versions (Help PDF) link.
  3. In the Archive page, you can find the CS6 Help PDF.

Here are the Help archive pages for popular Creative Cloud products:

The What’s New in Creative Cloud article describes the new features across Creative Cloud products. There are also links to specific What’s New pages for other Creative Cloud products.   

Adobe has made efforts to keep the Help content largely evergreen, without separating content based on versions. For information about the latest release, a product’s What’s New article is the best resource. This article provides you a synopsis of key new and enhanced features with links to detailed feature articles. 

If you are looking for documentation specific to an older version, you can access the PDF file hosted at a Previous Versions Help archive page. You can find the link to your product’s Help archive page in the table listed under the "How do I find CS6 Help for my product?" question.


Absolutely; we always encourage feedback. You can add your comments to the Help pages that are available from the Adobe website. Or you can also discuss your feedback on the Adobe Help forum.


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