With the recent update of the Creative Cloud Desktop app ( a bug was introduced which causes the creation of a new Creative Cloud Files folder, and re-syncing of all content.

The issue occurs only once after the update.   

Creative Cloud for desktop contains logic that supports the use of multiple Adobe IDs. This allows you to sign out of one ID and in to another, but keeps your Creative Cloud storage separate. When switching ID's, the app moves the previous Creative Cloud Files content into a separate folder and appends the previously used ID (User@AdobeID) to the name. It then creates a new main folder and starts to sync content of the new ID. 

This bug occurs because the app incorrectly believes an ID switch has taken place, and as such, moves the current Creative Cloud Files folder and tries to append the previously signed in ID. As no switch has actually taken place, it manifests as (unknown). After the app creates this new folder it syncs all existing used storage to it. Essentially, you'll end up with two Creative Cloud File folders; the original, and a duplicate labeled "Creative Cloud Files (Unknown)", both containing the same data. 

Adobe sincerely apologizes for any inconvence this issue may have caused.


  1. Confirm all file syncing has completed within the Creative Cloud for dekstop app. The app no longer shows syncing on the icon or along the bottom of the interface.
  2. Navigate to your user directory
    Windows - C:\Users\<user>
    Mac -  Mac HD/User/<user>
  3. Confirm both Creative Cloud Files and Creative Cloud Files (unknown) contain your files
  4. Delete the duplicate Creative Cloud Files (unknown) folder
Delete the duplicate Creative Cloud Files (unknown) folder

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