"Base product not installed," "Exit code: 28," "updates failed" errors | Creative Cloud

Issue: Errors updating Creative Cloud applications

When updating a Creative Cloud app, you see one or more of the following messages in the Creative Cloud installation log:

  • Some updates failed to install. The following updates were unable to install. If you want to install these updates, please fix the problem below and retry. <Product and Version>. Installation failed.
  • The base product is not installed, Unable to proceed with the patch operation.
  • Exit Code: 28 - The base product is not installed.

Solution: Uninstall then reinstall the app

  1. Uninstall the Creative Cloud app that you are trying to update. See Uninstall or remove Creative Cloud apps.

  2. Reinstall and launch the app. See Download more apps.

    You now have the latest version of the app, so no updates are necessary.

Why do these errors happen?

These update errors occur when the update can't detect the original application build number on your computer. The original product can be installed, but the update is unable to be installed because the build number doesn't match.