Export list of users with special characters


Customers have users in the Admin console whose names have special characters or where the product configurations have special characters. 
You can export the user list to a CSV file, but the names are not displayed correctly due to the character encoding Excel applies to the file. This is a problem when reimporting the user list after you made changes, that is, ID type or product plan was changed. 

For example, the Spanish name for the all apps plan is: Configuración predeterminada de All Apps plan - 2 GB in Excel it is shown as   "Configuración predeterminada de All Apps plan".


To fix the character encoding in Excel: 

  1. Create an excel file.
  2. Go to the Data menu.
  3. Click  "Get External Data" and select "From Text". 
  4. When prompted for a file, select the exported user list.
  5. In the next view, select "Delimited", "Start import at row 1", and in the drop-down for "File origin" select 65001: Unicode (UTF-8). Also tick "My data has headers". Click Next. 
  6. Select "Comma" and deselect "Tab" as delimiter and click Finish. 
  7. When asked "Where do you want to put the data?" Select "New worksheet" and click OK. 

Your data is displayed correctly now. 

To save the file as CSV and UTF-8 encoding, click "Save as" and select the type "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)". 

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