Uninstallation of one serialized package, unserializes or unsubscribes products of other package


Prior to Creative Cloud Packager 1.9.6, if two serialized packages, or device pool packages created using same Complete Creative Cloud device pool, were installed on a machine then on uninstalling one, the license got removed from the machine due to which the products of the other package also became deserialized or unsubscribed. When you create a package with the latest Creative Cloud Packager (1.9.6), this issue does not occur.

Fix for existing Mac packages created with Creative Cloud Packager version prior to 1.9.6


No fix is available for this issue in the existing Windows packages that were created with Creative Cloud Packager version prior to 1.9.6.

In Mac, you can use the following steps to correct this issue in any previously created packages.

  1. After you install the latest Creative Cloud Packager, copy the adobe_prtk executable from the following location:

    /Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/PDApp/CCP/utilities/APTEE

  2. Paste and replace the adobe_prtk executable file at the following folder location relative to the Install/Uninstall pkg bundles:


    For example:




Now, when you uninstall serialized CCP packages, the license for products installed via other packages is not removed if these products use the same license.