Learn where to get help with your MAX registration and sessions, or if you have questions about Creative Cloud apps.

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Find answers to common questions in the MAX FAQ.

To find answers to some common questions on experiencing Adobe MAX in the mobile app, see How to experience Adobe MAX in the Creative Cloud mobile app. You can also find answers and post questions in our community forum

For any issues with MAX, contact Event Support at maxsupport@adobe-events.com

Adobe MAX is open to everyone regardless of what type of account you have. As long as you have an Adobe account, you will be able to register. For any issues with MAX registration, contact Event Support at maxsupport@adobe-events.com

Sign in to creativecloud.adobe.com/apps, locate the app you want to download, and click either Download or Try. (If you are a new user, create a free account.)

For help with download or install issues, ask the community.

Find answers and ask questions in the Adobe Support Community for your apps: