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If you try to sync a font through Typekit that is already installed on your computer, the following error message appears:

“A font with the same name is already installed.”

For example, Typekit includes Adobe fonts that are also commonly installed with Adobe software.

A font with the same name is already installed error message


The version available through Typekit could be more recent than the one you have installed. If you want to replace the version on your computer with the one from Typekit, deactivate or uninstall the local version using your font management software.

  • On Mac OS X, the default font manager is Font Book. Highlight the name of the font and then choose Disable [font] Family from the Edit menu.
  • On Windows 7, open the Control Panel and click Fonts. Right-click the font name and select Hide from the menu. If that procedure doesn't hide the font from the application, move the fonts from the Fonts folder to another folder. Or, copy the fonts to another location, then delete them from the Fonts directory.

(Occasionally, two fonts share an internal PostScript name but have slightly different user-visible names. So, look for a similar font if you don’t have the exact one installed.)

Then click Retry to try syncing the fonts again. If the installation continues to fail, email Adobe at

If you don’t want to replace your local font with the Typekit version, you can remove it from your synced fonts.

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