After you launch a Creative Cloud trial product and sign in with your Adobe ID, you are prompted to enter a serial number. The trial isn't licensed with your Creative Cloud for teams membership as expected.


If the first solution does not work, try the next one. Stop once the issue is resolved.

Important: You must have an active Creative Cloud for teams membership associated with your account in order to resolve this issue. Please contact your Creative Cloud for teams administrator to verify that you have been assigned a membership.

 The Creative Cloud desktop application updates automatically during launch and installs the latest components that allow you to license your product. Perform any one of the following steps below to update.

If present, double-click the Adobe Creative Cloud link on your desktop.


Choose Start >All Programs >Adobe Creative Cloud.


Double-click Hard Drive >Applications >Adobe Creative Cloud > Adobe Creative Cloud.

Click the links below to download Adobe Application Manager. Once the installation process is complete, the current version of the Creative Cloud desktop application will be installed.


Mac OS

Download a trial for a product that is not currently installed.

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