To focus our efforts on capabilities that are most valuable to our customers, we sometimes discontinue active development of a product. Often, the core functionalities of these products are available in other Adobe tools.

As a Creative Cloud member, you can still download and install Creative Cloud apps that are no longer being developed. We’ll continue to provide security updates and bug fixes as necessary.


Only Creative Cloud subscribers with a paid All Apps membership are entitled to download and install apps no longer in development. Such apps aren't available to users with a trial membership.

What Creative Cloud apps are no longer being developed?

How to install an app that's no longer being developed


Always make sure that your operating system meets the minimum system requirements.  

  1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop app: Click the Creative Cloud icon , located in the taskbar (Windows) or Apple menu bar (Mac OS). Click Apps.

    Creative Cloud desktop icon


    If you can't find the icon on your screen, you may have quit the Creative Cloud desktop app. To relaunch it:

    Windows: Choose Start > Programs > Adobe Creative Cloud.

    Mac OS: Choose Applications > Adobe Creative Cloud > Adobe Creative Cloud.

  2. In the Find Additional Apps section, click All Apps and choose View Previous Versions.

    Find previous versions
  3. Scroll to the app you want to download, and click Install. Choose a version to begin installing the app.

    Download progress


    Depending on your network’s download speed, installation could take awhile.

  4. After installation is complete, find the app's icon in the Installed section and click Open.

    Click Open

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