Create an attractive report in a snap.

With Acrobat Pro, creating reports is no longer a daunting and time-consuming task. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a business report for the fictitious Pluralist Outdoor photo shoot project in just two steps: generate a PDF file from various sources and edit the file. If you need any help or have questions along the way, let us know in our forum.

Note: For the best experience, we recommend closing all other applications on your computer before beginning this project.

Create PDF file
  • Open Acrobat Pro (2:33)
  • Create from file (2:44)
  • Combine into one (3:44)

Edit your PDF report.

Make updates
  • Edit text (0:48)
  • Replace an image (1:55)
  • Export to image (2:53)

While you were creating your report, did you notice a typo? Have a last-minute sentence or two you’d like to add? Decide to use a different image? No sweat. You can make changes to your PDF files without ever needing to open the source documents using the editing tools in Acrobat Pro.

The company names “The Pluralist” and “Custom Solutions” are fictional. Any reference to the company names, their logos and/or their products or services is for demonstration purposes only.