Introducing Live Corners.

In this four-part video tutorial, you’ll use the Live Corners feature to edit the corners of an existing object. You will start by using the direct selection tool to manipulate the corners of a selected object to an approximate dimension and then see how to manipulate the corners precisely. By the end of the first video, you will see how quickly corners can be reshaped using this feature.

Live Corner basics
  • Identify the inset widgets (0:28)
  • Edit a live corner (0:36)
  • Set a precise dimension (0:43)
  • Show and hide the corner widget (1:00)

Modify corner types and edit corners individually.

Corner shape manipulations
  • Change a corner shape with the dialog box (0:06)
  • Change an individual corner shape (0:36)
  • Change the diameter of an individual corner (0:45)

Now that you know how to manipulate the size of an object’s corners using the Live Corner feature, you will change the corners’ shapes. Learn how to switch between rounded, inverted rounded and chamfered corners. Then learn to target and adjust both the size and shape of the corners individually.

Relative and absolute corner types.

Corner types
  • Switch between corner types (0:15)
  • Rounding types (0:27)

You have already learned to round and change the dimension of an individual corner, but you can now look at the two types of rounding available. Learn the difference between these two rounding types and how to fix the type for a corner.

Adjust multiple corners at once and maximum angles.

Corner manipulations
  • Adjust multiple corners (0:07)
  • Maximum angle limit (0:37)
  • Adjust live corners after changing a bézier curve (1:08)

In the final video, you will learn to adjust several corners at once by either dragging the corners or using the corners dialog box. You’ll also talk about the maximum angle limit for adjusting any corner. Then you’ll finish by examining the implication of adjusting the bézier handles when using Live Corners.