Even in-focus images can use sharpening. See how.

Almost every digital image needs at least a little bit of sharpening. Learn how to apply capture sharpening to remove the fuzziness you get from the camera’s anti-alias filter. The best way to get the sharpest images possible is to sharpen twice: first when you pull images off your camera and later after you’ve applied all of your edits. Have questions? Get help from us in the forums.

Capture sharpening
  • Define capture sharpening (1:37)
  • How sharpening works (3:12)
  • Reduce noise (3:58)

Sharpen again after editing and see your images pop.

Output sharpening
  • Define output sharpening (0:40)
  • Use Smart Sharpen (2:00)
  • Remove camera shake (5:11)

Use Smart Sharpen to apply output sharpening at the final output size and resolution (for example, you apply different settings for an e-mail, a web page, or for print). This video also gives you a peek at Camera Shake Reduction, a feature new in Photoshop CC that lets you reduce image blur caused by camera motion.