Manage customers
Manage your Value Incentive Plan (VIP) customers

Use the Customers page to create or manage customers, create Purchase Authorizations, and track the status of all your customers.

View customer details

You can view details about all your customers in the customer details page. Use the navigation option in the left rail to quickly filter the list of customers. Click the customer name, then click the name again when the pop-up menu appears. Choose one of the options below to filter the customer list.

No Products

Customers have received the invitation to join the VIP program but have not yet requested any products. To add products, create a Purchase Authorization (PA).


PA is not available for Acrobat DC (enterprise), Creative Cloud for enterprise, or Creative Cloud for education device licenses. Order licenses directly from Adobe.

Pending Requests

Customers have requested immediate access to products using a Purchase Authorization, but an order has not yet been placed to pay for those products.

Past Due Requests

Customers have requested products using a Purchase Authorization, but are late in providing the payment. Remit the payment for these customers before their licenses are deactivated.

Upcoming Renewals

Customers have fewer than 60 days to enter the renewal window. Begin notifying these customers of their upcoming renewal opportunity.

Ready for Renewal

Customers are within the renewal window and can place renewal orders. Begin notifying these customers of their renewal.


Enable Managed by me to filter down to customers handled by you. By default, all customers handled by your organization are displayed.

At a glance you can view customer name and email address, Anniversary date, Segment, Managed by, and VIP Invitation status.

On the far right, click > to open the details page. The details page contains the following sections, as applicable:

  • Customer details - Displays customer details, such as VIP number, name, address, and market segment.
  • Pending and Overdue License Authorizations - Displays the orders for which either orders are pending, or if payments are overdue.
  • Products - Displays a list of products and licenses.
  • License Authorization History - Displays a list of Purchase Authorizations and status.

Add a customer

When you have a customer who is ready to purchase, add the customer to the Reseller Console by sending an invitation to join the Value Incentive Plan. Once the invitation is sent, a VIP ID is issued and an initial order can be placed. The organization contact receives an email invitation to join the Value Incentive Plan. To accept the invitation, the VIP Member has to sign in with or create an Adobe ID. Accepting the invitation gives the VIP Member access to the Admin Console to begin managing products.

  1. In the Customers page, click Add Customer Organization  from the toolbar.

  2. In the Add Customer Organization dialog box, enter the following:

    • Organization Name and Market Segment
    • Type, team or enterprise offerings*
    • Region, address, and ZIP or postal code
    • Email address and name of the primary contact in the organization


    *This selection impacts the product options that display in the Admin Console when the VIP Member creates a Purchase Authorization. The Account Manager can add either offering type at any time.

  3. Optionally, check Select custom anniversary date for customer. Use this option to offer your customer an extended subscription term that is greater than 12 months on the initial subscription with a custom anniversary date. Then click Next and select the customer’s desired anniversary date. This date cannot be changed later.

  4. Click Invite Customer.


    Customer information cannot be edited later, ensure that there are no errors in any of the fields.

    The organization's contact receives an email invitation to join the Value Incentive Plan. The customer must accept the invitation to access the Admin Console and begin managing products.

Create Purchase Authorization

Once an invitation to join the Value Incentive Plan has been sent to the customer, a VIP ID is immediately issued and products can be added to the customer account. You (the Account Manager) or your customer can add a product.


PA is not available for Acrobat DC (enterprise), Creative Cloud for enterprise, or Creative Cloud for education device licenses. Order licenses directly from Adobe

Add licenses

You can add licenses for your customer using the Reseller Console. Navigate to the customer details page, and do the following:

  1. Click Create new Purchase Authorization. A dialog box opens.

  2. Choose a product from the list and enter the number of licenses.

  3. To add more products, click +, and then enter details for the products.

  4. Optionally, enter the Purchase Order (PO) number you received from the customer.

  5. Click Create Purchase Authorization.


If a customer is past due, the ability to purchase new products is suspended until all existing dues are cleared.

After you successfully create a purchase authorization and add products, your customer receives an email informing them that products have been added. If the customer has accepted VIP terms and conditions, then the customer administrator has access to the Admin Console and can then assign the licenses to the users.


After creating the Purchase Authorization, remember to place an order with Adobe through your standard ordering mechanism.

Authorize VIP member added products

When a VIP member adds a product using the Admin Console, you receive an email notification. You must place the order with Adobe for the additional products ordered.


Visit the Reseller Console and determine the specific duration that needs to be ordered. For information on calculating the duration, see VIP Program Guide.

Cancel Purchase Authorization

You can cancel a Purchase Authorization and remove products. Customers lose access to the products associated with the Purchase Authorization.

  1. On the customer details page, scroll to the Seat Authorization History section.

  2. Click X icon. You can only cancel a pending purchase authorization.

If you already placed an order with Adobe, request a return authorization.

Need more help?


For information about the Adobe Value Incentive Program, see VIP Program Guide.

If you need further assistance, you can get in touch with us via chat, phone, or email.

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