Disabling notifications for individual installations

In Mac OS, Adobe Creative Suite 5 applications utilize and (if necessary) install the Growl Preference Pane to display notifications. These notifications primarily invite users to receive complimentary benefits for registering their product and remind users to update their Adobe.com profiles. 


To stop receiving these notifications in Mac OS:

1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

2. Click the Growl preferences.

3. Click the Applications tab.

4. For Adobe Application Manager, deselect Enabled.


To remove theGrowl Preference Pane from your computer: 


Note: Third party software that uses Growl will be unable to show notifications if you remove the Growl Preference Pane. To confirm which applications use Growl, complete the steps above and look under the Applications tab. 


1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

2. Click the Growl preferences.

3. Click Stop Growl.

4. Deselect Start Growl At Login.

5. Deselect Show Growl Icon In The Menu Bar.

6. At the top of the System Preferences window, click Show All. 

7. Right-click the Growl preferences, and then click Remove Growl Preference Pane.



 Disabling notifications for enterprise installations

Enterprise customers can turn off registration notifications through the application override file or the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition tool. In either case, Growl notifications will be turned off and the Growl Preference Pane will not be installed on the user's machine.

About the Growl Preference Pane

In Windows, there are native mechanisms for showing this type of notification, so the Growl Preference Pane is not installed. Because there are no such mechanisms in Mac OS, however, Growl has become the de-facto notification mechanism used by many applications, including Firefox, Skype, and Stuffit Expander. Adobe Creative Suite 5 uses a Growl plug-in, which requires the Growl Preference Pane to be installed.

About registration notifications

Notifications are shown a maximum of three times, fourteen days apart. If you click a notification, you’re redirected to the Edit Profile page on Adobe.com, where you can select a complimentary benefit, even if you don’t provide personal information. After you click a notification, notifications no longer appear.



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