Error: "Please insert Adobe [application] CS4..." when installing Adobe Creative Suite 3 application


When you reinstall an Adobe Creative Suite 3 application, you receive the error message, "Please insert Adobe [application] CS4 to continue installation."


Solution 1: Run the attached CS3Installer patch, reinstall CS3 and when prompted browse to the DVD drive or desktop where your CS3 install media is located.

On Windows:

  1. Download the CS3Installer Patch utility.
  2. Unzip the CS3Installer Patch utility.
  3. Double-click CS3Installer_Patch_Win folder to open the directory.
  4. Right-click CS3installer patch.exe and select "Run As Administrator."

    Note: When the "Run As Administrator" option is not available, double-click the file "CS3installer patch.exe."

On Mac OS:

  1. Download the CS3Installer Patch utility.
  2. Unzip the CS3Installer Patch utility.
  3. Double-click the CS3Installer_Patch_Mac folder to open the directory.

    Note:  Make sure that you are logged in as Administrator.
  4. Double-click the file "CS3installer patch."

Now reinstall your CS3 application. On Mac OS, go to the [username]/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers folder and double-click the application you want to reinstall. On Mac OS X, you can't use your CS3 DVD or electronic download of CS3 to reinstall. Running the CS3Install Patch only resolves the problem if you reinstall the application from the Adobe Installers folder.

On both platforms, you get the following prompt during the CS3 installation:

'"n order to provide a new install source path, click Relocate."

Select Relocate and browse to the location where the CS3 installation source is located. This location is your DVD drive or, if you downloaded your CS3 software, the folder location of your download.

Solution 2: Uninstall all Creative Suite 3 and Creative Suite 4 applications and reinstall them in the correct order, first Creative Suite 3, then Creative Suite 4.

  1. (Windows): Use the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel to uninstall Creative Suite 4 and Creative Suite 3 applications.

    (Mac OS X): To uninstall CS3 applications, double-click the product installer in Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers and select the products you want to uninstall. To uninstall CS4 applications, navigate to a CS4 product application folder (for example,. /Application/Adobe Photoshop CS4) and double-click the "Uninstall Adobe [product] CS4" shortcut.
  2. If you encounter problems uninstalling the software, then run the Adobe CS5 Cleaner Tool and select to remove CS4 and CS3 application. See Resolve installation problems with CS5 Cleaner Tool (cpsid_82947).
  3. Install all the Adobe CS3 products you want to use first.
  4. Install your Adobe CS4 products.

Additional Information

This error occurs if you have both CS3 and CS4 applications installed on your computer, and are trying to reinstall a CS3 application. Or if you're trying to install a CS3 application previously not present on the computer. It can also occur if you uninstalled a CS4 application and would like to resume working in CS3. The uninstall removed some shared components and the CS3 installer is unable to repair the installation.

When CS4 applications are installed on a computer that also has CS3 products installed, some common components are updated to CS4. If you want to reinstall a CS3 application, the CS3 installer detects that the shared components were updated. It then asks you to insert the CS4 media so it can access the newer version of the shared component. You receive several of these prompts, even if you insert the CS4 media.