Error: "Please insert Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection Disk 1" when installing CS4 or Point Products | Mac OS


When you attempt to run the Adobe Creative Suite 4 installer after copying the files to the hard drive with File Vault enabled, you are prompted to insert the install media.

The error message will reference the installation disk for the Adobe Creative Suite 4 product. In the following example the product was the Master Collection:

"Please insert Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection Disk 1"


Solution 1: Run the installation from the original DVD-Rom.

  1. Insert the Adobe Creative Suite 4 or Point Product DVD in your drive.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the product.
    • If the installer does not launch automatically, double click on the Adobe Creative Suite 4 or Point Product disk image and double click Setup.

Solution 2: Modify the Setup.xml in the hard drive folder location.

  1. Using Finder, navigate to the payloads folder in the hard drive folder location.
  2. Open Setup.xml in a text editor (such as TextEdit.)
  3. Search for the xml tag <Media>.
  4. Delete the content between the opening tag <Media> and the closing tag </Media>.
  5. Save the xml file.
  6. Using Finder, navigate to the root of the hard drive folder location and double click on Setup.

Example with the Media tag included:

<Setup version=""> <Driver folder="AdobeSoundbooth2All"/> <Media> <Volume> <Name>Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Name> <Payloads> <Payload folder="AdobeALMAnchorService2-mul">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSuiteSharedConfiguration-mul">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeAIR1.0">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeAmericanEnglishSpeechAnalysisModels1All">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeDynamiclinkSupport1All">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeAUM6.0All">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeXMPPanelsAll">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSoundbooth2CodecsAll">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSoundbooth2All">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSoundbooth2de_DELanguagePack">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSoundbooth2en_GBLanguagePack">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSoundbooth2en_USLanguagePack">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSoundbooth2es_ESLanguagePack">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSoundbooth2es_MXLanguagePack">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSoundbooth2fr_CALanguagePack">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSoundbooth2fr_FRLanguagePack">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSoundbooth2it_ITLanguagePack">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeSoundbooth2ja_JPLanguagePack">Adobe Soundbooth CS4</Payload> </Payloads> </Volume> </Media> </Setup>

Example after the Media tag has been removed:

<Setup version=""> <Driver folder="AdobeSoundbooth2All"/> </Setup>

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