"Installation failed" error U44M1P7 with Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Creative Suite 6 updates

U44M1P7 error when installing Creative Cloud or Creative Suite updates

When updating Creative Cloud or CS6 applications, you receive the following error:

Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7.

This error means that the update didn't install.


For a list of Creative Cloud update errors and solutions, see Error downloading or updating Creative Cloud apps.


If encountering this error when attempting to update Extension Manager CS6, see Can't apply Extension Manager CS6 update - Error U44M1P7 | Mac OS.

Solution 1: Rename the 1.0 folder in AAM Updater

Rename the 1.0 folder (for example, to 1.0.old). Then reinstall the update.

Find the 1.0 folder in one of the following locations:

Windows 7/8/10


Mac OS

~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdater  

Solution 2: Download the update manually

Creative Cloud

Manually download Creative Cloud updates from one of the following pages:


Read the instructions on the pages before beginning installation.


Download the update from the Adobe product updates page. Then run the installer to apply the update.

Solution 3: Uninstall then reinstall the app you're having trouble updating

Creative Cloud



These apps include Adobe Extension Manager CS6 during installation: Dreamweaver CS6, Fireworks CS6, Flash Professional CS6, Illustrator CS6, InCopy CS6, InDesign CS6, Photoshop CS6, Prelude CS6, and Premiere Pro CS6.

If you don't see an option to uninstall Adobe Extension Manager CS6 using the following methods, uninstall all CS6 apps that include Adobe Extension Manager CS6.


Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, find the affected CS6 app, and click Uninstall. Then reinstall the app and reapply the update.

Mac OS

Go to Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers, and run the uninstaller for the applicable CS6 app. Then reinstall the app and reapply the update.

Solution 4: Review the installation log file

Take a look at the installation log to help determine the exact cause of the error. The name of the installation log is similar to the name of the failed update.

For details on where to find log files and how to review them, see Troubleshoot install issues with log files | CS5, CS5.5, CS6 or Troubleshoot install issues with log files | Creative Cloud.

Why did this error happen?

Sometimes certain language files are missing from installed Adobe apps. An update fails when it can't locate all the appropriate files to update.

System optimizer applications often delete extra language files. If you use such applications regularly, adjust the settings so they don't affect your installed Adobe apps. If the language files are deleted again, you need to uninstall and reinstall your Adobe apps to restore the language files.