A freeze occurs when you reboot a Windows system that has TrueCrypt DiskEncryption software and Adobe applications installed.


A conflict has been identified between Adobe applications which use the Macrovision FLEXnet Publisher licensing service and TrueCrypt 5.0 disk encryption software.Affected applications are Creative Suite 1 - 3, individual CS, CS2 and CS3 applications, the Technical Communication Suite, and Photoshop Elements 6 and Premiere Elements 4. Adobe and Macrovision are aware of the issue and are investigating it.


There is currently no solution to this conflict. In order to run Adobe applications successfully, you cannot use TrueCrypt 5.0 disk encryption software. Adobe and Macrovision are investigating the issue, and as soon as a solution is identified and tested, it will be made available.

To successfully reboot your computer, you need to boot from the TrueCrypt Restore CD and reload the boot loader into the Master Boot Record.

Additional Information

Macrovision FLEXnet Publisher licensing service is used by Adobe Creative Suite 3 suites and applications to manage software licensing.

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