Install error: "Update is not applicable" | Adobe Creative Suite 5


When you try to install an update for an Adobe CS5 product, the Adobe Application Manager indicates, "Some updates failed to install." Then, below the name of one or more of the updates you were attempting to install, the message indicates, "Update is not applicable." 


Solution 1: Ignore if the parent application is not installed.

If you are attempting to install an update for an application that is not installed, this message is expected. Ignore it and don't install the update again. Otherwise, install the desired software, then run the update again.

Solution 2: Ensure that you have a final release from Adobe.

If you have a prerelease build of an Adobe product, this message occurs. In this situation, uninstall the current version, and install from a source known to be the final build released by Adobe.

Additional information

If neither of these situations appear to be the case for your system, or if your update fails with the message, "Installation failed," try searching the knowledgebase. The knowledgebase contains information for known issues specific to the particular update you are attempting to install. If no match is found, try using the knowledgebase article, Troubleshoot CS5 installation with install logs (cpsid_84451).