The following error appears in the log file of an Adobe Creative Suite 5 or CS5.5 application:

  • Validate license at Pre-Chrome time.

This error can occur when:

  • The machine has at least three language packs installed.
  • The trial was launched only under one locale.
  • The trial has expired, and a serial number for a different locale is used to serialize the Creative Suite 5 or CS5.5 application.


1: Change the OS locale.

Launch the CS5 or CS5.5 application at least once in the locale in which it has not yet been launched. Then, change the operating system locale:

2: Verify that you have permissions to access the preference folder.

To check permissions:

Adobe applications usually store the preferences in the following locations:

  • Windows XP:  C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data Adobe\[application]\[version]
  • Windows Vista/ Windows 7: C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\[application]\[version]
  • Mac OS: /Users/[user name]/Library/Preferences/[application]

To check if the issue occurs due to access or permission limitations, create an Administrator account and launch the application.

Create a local administrator account in Windows

Create a user account that has the same permissions as the account that you use when the problem occurs. If the problem doesn't recur, then the original user account is probably damaged.

For details, search for these topics in the Microsoft Windows Help system:

Note: If you are still experiencing the problem, try creating an administrator user account and running the application from that account. Create a user account as described above. Change the account type to an administrator account. If you do not have rights to create an administrator account, contact your system administrator.

For details, search for these topics in the Microsoft Windows Help system:

  • Windows XP: “How to create and configure user accounts in Windows XP” (Article ID: 279783)
  • Windows Vista: “Change a user’s account type”
  • Windows 7: “Change a user’s account type”

Create a local administrator account in Mac OS

  1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Click the plus sign at the lower-left corner. 

Note: If nothing happens, then click the lock symbol to authenticate your rights.

  1. Type a user name and a password that you can remember, such as "test."
  2. Click the Security tab select Allow User to Administer This Computer to make the test user an administrator.
  3. Close the Accounts window.
  4. Choose Log Out from the Apple menu.

If you can launch the application without any problems, then ensure that the User account has full access rights to the application preference file.

To give full access rights to the folder, do the following:

  1. Navigate to /Users/[user name]/Library/Preferences/[application]
  2. Right-click the [application] folder and choose Get Info from the context menu.
  3. Verify that the currently logged in user has Read & Write access to the preference folder and files it contains.

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