After successfully installing an extension for Dreamweaver CS5 or Flash Professional CS5 through Adobe Extension Manager CS5, the extension does not appear in the host application.

For example, if you installed an extension for Dreamweaver, you don't see menu choices or panels for that extension in Dreamweaver.


Solution 1: Open Extension Manager through Dreamweaver or Flash.

When you open the Extension Manager using Dreamweaver CS5 or Flash CS5, it sets the correct locale for installing extensions.

  1. Quit Extension Manager CS5, if it is open.
  2. Open Dreamweaver CS5 or Flash CS5.
  3. Do one of the following:

    Dreamweaver: Choose Commands > Manage Extensions.

    Flash: Choose Help > Manage Extensions.
  4. Install the extension.

Solution 2: Install the extension via command line, specifying the locale.

When you install an extension via command line, you can specify the locale (that is, language) for which it is installed.

Example command for Mac OS:

"/Applications/Adobe Extension Manager CS5/Adobe Extension Manager Extension Manager CS5" -en_US -install zxp="/Users/adobe/Desktop/AdobeConnect.zxp"

Example command for Windows:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Extension Manager CS5\Adobe Extension Manager CS5.exe" -en_US -install zxp="C:\Users\Adobe\Desktop\AdobeConnect.zxp"

For instructions on installing extensions via command line, see "Working from the command line" in the Extension Manager CS5 Help.

Additional information

This issue occurs when the language of your operating system does not match the language of the host application. For example, if your operating system is in Norwegian and you install an extension for an English language version of Dreamweaver CS5.

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