When you enter the serial number after having used any CS4 application in trial mode, the serial number is rejected. The serial number dialog box displays a red X.


Install the required language files from the installation media, and let the trial expire.

Your CS4 serial number requires that the corresponding language files are installed. For example, an International English (IE) serial number, supplied with English applications bought outside the US, requires that the International English languages files are installed.

Note: The installation of the new language files only takes a few minutes.

  1. To install additional language files, do the following:
    1. Start the installer.
    2. In the Options dialog box where you are asked about the installation language, select the language you purchased, such as English (International).

      Important: Now select the applications again that you want to install.

      Note: Although you already installed the CS4 applications under the English (US) language pack, reselect each application for the English (International) language.
    3. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation
  2. To expire the trial, do one of the following:
    • Work with the applications in trial mode until the remaining days are done.
    • Force the trial period to expire early by setting the clock and date of your operating system one month ahead.

      To change the clock, see your operating system documentation.
  3. After you changed the clock, launch your CS4 application one more time in trial mode and close it again. The following warning appears:

    "Important! This is the last time you will be permitted to use this product without first entering a valid serial number." 
  4. Restart your application and enter the serial number in the Trial Expired dialog box. Click OK. If you receive the following warning, click OK:

    "Additional unlicensed language packs found in the application folder. Please restart the application." 
  5. Restart the CS4 application.


  • You can reset the clock to the correct time, after the serial number has been accepted.
  • Once you force the trial period to end, you cannot retrieve the unused days.

Additional Information

When you install a CS4 application in trial mode, you are prompted to select the language you want to run the application in. A serial number you purchase for converting a trial to the full application works only if it matches the language the product was installed in. The default language choice in the installer matches your OS language. However, for any English operating system versions (US, UK, and so on), the default language selection is always set to English US. If you purchased your English CS4 application outside the US, select English (International) from the language menu in the installation dialog box.

The following reasons cause this issue:

  • You had initially run CS4 in trial mode.
  • You selected English (US) as the installation language.
  • Your serial number is licensed for International English or another language other than English (US).



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