When you run an Adobe Creative Suite 4 application, Adobe Acrobat 9.0, or Adobe Reader 9.0, entries such as the following are logged in the system.log, which you can view in the Mac OSConsole application:

08.08.08 07:06:44 kernel unknown SIGSEGV code 0

These log entries will be preceded with a line similar to this:

08.08.08 07:06:44 /Library/Application Support/FLEXnet Publisher/Service/11.5.0/FNPLicensingService3703 Started - This service performs licensing functions on behalf of FLEXnet enabled products.


These messages are related to debugging methods inside of the licensing service which were not disabled prior to release.


This issue can be resolved by downloading and running the updated Adobe Licensing Repair Tool which is available on the Adobe website at

Note: If you have previously downloaded this utility, your browser cache may contain the previous version. The correct version will mount a disk titled, "LicenseRecovery11.6.1". If the disk image you mount does not mount with that name, clear your browser cache and download from the link again.

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