Issue: Creative Suite 6 applications revert to trial mode

When you open a Creative Suite 6 application that's part your Creative Cloud membership, you see a message stating you're running a trial.

  • You have previously subscribed to Creative Cloud and signed in with your Adobe ID to license the software.
  • Acrobat displays the error, "Configuration Error 130:10."


Solution 1: Deactivate, and then relaunch and license one of your CS6 products.

Important:  Connect to the Internet to perform the steps below. Select one of the following products when requested to launch a CS6 product: Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, InDesign, Flash Professional, Illustrator, or Dreamweaver.

  1. Download the Adobe Application Manager installer for your operating system.
  2. Windows:


    Mac OS:


  3. Run the EXE or DMG file and install Adobe Application Manager.
  4. Launch a CS6 product.
  5. Choose Help > Deactivate.
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions to deactivate the product.
  7. Close the product.
  8. Launch a CS6 product.
  9. Click Accept in the EULA dialog to continue.
  10. Sign in with your Adobe ID.
  11. Once the product finishes launching, close the product.
  12. Relaunch the product.
  13. Click License This Software.
  14. Sign in with your Creative Cloud Adobe ID.
  15. Launch the desired product.

Solution 2: Use Adobe Update Manager to update your CS6 products.

  1. Launch the Adobe Application Manager from the shortcut or alias.
  2. Windows: Choose Start > All Programs > Adobe Application Manager

    Mac OS: Choose Applications > Adobe Application Manager

  3. In the Adobe Application Manager, click Updates in the upper left to select it.
  4. Click the Update All button located in the lower right.
  5. After installing all available product updates, complete steps 3-14 from Solution 1.


Additional information

The number of days shown as remaining in the trial can vary, showing, for example, -1, 32000, or 30.

This issue also affects Adobe Acrobat X and Flash Builder 4.6. The application can unexpectedly close without any warning or error.