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Welcome to Adobe® Extension Manager. This document contains late-breaking product information, updates, and troubleshooting tips not covered in the Extension Manager documentation. 


Install your software

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Extension Manager installs and manages Extensions / Plug Ins that have been packaged up as Extensions.  You can simply double click on an Extension file to launch the Extension Manager and it will install the Extensions files in the locations for product the Extension was created for.   Extension Manager will display all of the Creative Suite applications you have installed and you can see all of the Extensions installed in each product by clicking on that product.  Click on any Extension to display the Information from the Extension Developer about the Extension and how to access it in the point product.  Extension Developers have created hundreds of Extensions to add new functionality to the Creative Suite products.  The Extension Manager makes installing these Extensions simple and enables you to disable, update, or uninstall Extensions.

Install your software 

Extension Manager is included in the Creative Suite Installer as well as the installers for the individual products it supports.  The stand alone Extension Manager installer is available free of charge and can be downloaded  the Adobe Exchange download page

Uninstall your software 


Go to "Control Panels", "Add Remove Programs" and Select "Adobe Extension Manager CS5".  


Go to "Applications", "Utilities", "Adobe Utilities", Double click on "Adobe Extension Manager CS5".

Other resources 

You can download the newest version of Adobe Extension Manager from the   Adobe Exchange download page.

Adobe Exchange 

Go to the Adobe Exchange at to download Extensions to customize Adobe Creative Suite 5 products. 

Extension Developer SDK

Developers who want to create extensions for the Creative Suite should download the Extension Developer SDK from link below: 

Extension Developer Guide

Upload help

You can share an Extension that you have created by putting it on the Adobe Exchange. Testing guidelines and submission steps are provided within the Submit to the Exchange help document at

Developer Center

Visit the Adobe Developer Center at to discover the technical information you need. Find inspiration with tips, articles, tutorials, and resources, or steer your project to success with forums, code examples, exchanges, and reference materials for the taking.

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