Check document progress, send reminders, and view signed documents with their complete audit trails and history.

Manage documents you send out for signature

Open the Manage Documents page in Adobe Document Cloud

Use your Adobe ID to log in to Adobe Document Cloud

Once you have logged in, click Manage Documents.

Open the Manage Documents page in Adobe Document Cloud

View status of documents

The Manage page shows you the progress of documents you have sent for signature. Click the arrow next to each section to see which documents are:

  • Waiting For Me to Sign
  • Out for Signature
  • Signed
  • Cancelled/Declined 
  • Archived
View status of documents

Find a specific document    

You can find a specific document by filtering or by searching for a word or phrase.

To search the full text of a document, or its metadata, enter a search term in the text field highlighted at right. Click the Refresh icon to clear the search.

Find a specific document

Manage a document

Select a document from your document list in the left panel.

Click the tabs along the side of the right hand panel to view the document, share a document with a colleague, see what security options a document has been assigned (protect). Remind signers that the document is waiting for their review and signature, and make notes about a document or transaction for your own records.

Click the History tab in the lower right panel for information about when a document was sent, viewed, opened, and signed. Click Audit Report in the History tab to get detailed tracking information for each step of a document's history, including date, exact time, and the IP address where the document was viewed and/or signed.

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