What’s new in Adobe Character Animator

New features

October 2021 release (version 22.0)

Unified version numbers

With this major release, all the Adobe video and audio applications will align on version number 22.0, making it easier to ensure compatibility across the applications.

Body Tracker

Live-perform character animation using your body. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Body Tracker automatically detects human body movement using a web cam and applies it to your character in real time to create animation.

Smart replays

Replays triggered during recordings in new scenes now appear as trigger bars. This replaces multiple take bars for a simpler, more compact, and easier-to-modify timeline.

Head & Body Turner behavior

Head turner behavior is now Head & Body turner. Switch between groups, for different views like the front, quarter, and side profile of a character, as you swivel your body left or right.

New and updated example puppets

Use new puppets (Al and Sam) in your animations. Several puppets (Chloe, Tull, Bongo, Footy, Ninja, Thorne, and Heather) have been updated to support the Body Tracker.

July 2021 release (version 4.4)

Native Apple silicon support

Character Animator now runs natively on Mac systems with Apple silicon, which offers improved performance and greater energy efficiency.

Previous releases of Adobe Character Animator

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