Learn about the known issues and limitations in the latest release of Animate CC.

Operating System

  • Animate CC is not per-monitor DPI aware on Windows OS.
  • "Adobe Animate CC needs to download the font Osaka" message appears on launching Animate CC if the font is not installed on macOS. 

Layer parenting

  • Selecting and moving both the parent and child layer objects together does not function as expected. 

Asset warp

  • Bitmap warped object loses warp controls if it is converted to symbol after saving and reopening the file.
  • Color overflows to incorrect contours or shape changes when a multicolor complex bitmap or shape is warped using Asset warp tool.

Virtual Reality

  • VR View and VR publishing may fail if the document or scene name contains special characters. 

Adobe AIR and Animate

  • App does not launch on simulator with xcode 9.3 in AIR for iOS. 
  • App does not launch on iOS 12 devices if it is published with AIR SDK version 30 or lower.


  • 9-slice scale settings are ignored on stage and publishing. 

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