Creating an In-App message

The steps for creating an In-App message with Adobe Campaign are:

  1. From the Marketing activities window, create a new marketing activity.

    Note that an In-App message can also be created from a campaign or from the Adobe Campaign home page or in a workflow.

  2. Select In-App message.

  3. Select a template.


    By default, you can select one of the following three out-of-the-box templates:

    • Send In-App message to Campaign profiles (inAppProfile)

    • Broadcast an In-App message (inAppBroadcast)

    • Send In-App message to app subscribers (inApp)

    For more information on templates, refer to About In-App messaging.

  4. Enter the In-App message properties and select your mobile app in the Associate a Mobile App to a delivery field.

  5. Select the audience you want to target for you In-App message. Your audience is prefiltered depending on the mobile application associated to this delivery.

    Note that this step is not needed with the Broadcast an In-App message (inAppBroadcast) since it targets all users of a mobile application.

  6. In the Triggers tab, drag and drop the event that will trigger your message. Three categories of events are available:

  7. In the Frequency & duration tab, choose the frequency for your trigger, the start and end date, day of the week and time of the day your In-App message will be active.

  8. Edit the content of your message and define the advanced options. See Customizing an In-App message.

  9. Click Create.

Your In-App message is now ready to be sent to your targeted audience.

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