Landing page content editor interface

The content editor is organized into three different sections. These sections allow you to view and edit the content.

  1. The palette on the left-hand side of the screen allows you to modify the general options linked to a selected block. The options that can be modified are: background color, border, text alignment, visibility condition, etc. See Inserting a personalization field.

  2. The action bar contains the general options for the page. You can select a template and change the display mode. See Landing page editor action bar.

  3. The main editing zone allows you to directly interact with the content using the contextual toolbar: insert a link into an image, change the font, delete a field, etc. See Landing page editor toolbar.

Landing page editor action bar

The action bar contains different buttons that allow you to interact with the content that is being created.

Button name

Change content
Landing page and email
Allows you to select out-of-the-box content or import your own HTML content. Refer to Loading an existing content.

Cancels the last action carried out.

Redoes the last action that you canceled.

Show blocks
Landing page and email
Allows you to show the boxes around the content blocks (corresponds to the <div> HTML tag).

Show source
Landing page and email
Allows you to show the HTML source code of the page.

Landing page editor toolbar

The contextual landing page editor toolbar is the same that is used in the email content editor. It is described in this section.

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