See how the integration of Adobe Stock with Creative Cloud Libraries lets you access, manage, and buy royalty-free assets seamlessly.

1. Search for imagery

In the Libraries panel, make sure you have selected Adobe Stock from the pull-down menu in the search field.

Enter your search term in the field. Press Return (Mac) or Enter (Windows) or wait for a few seconds for the search results to display automatically.

Search for imagery

2. Find the right image

Browse the images in the search results until you find the one you want.  

If you want to get more information about the image, right-click it and choose View Details on Web ... to launch its detail page on the Adobe Stock website.

To search for similar images, right-click the image and choose Find Similar on Web .... You’ll then be able to search for images similar to the one you selected on the Adobe Stock website.    

Find the right image

3. Save and use an image.

In the Libraries panel, choose a library you want to save an image to.

Hold your cursor over the image you want. Click the Save Preview to (name of your selected library) button to save a watermarked version of the image to the library you chose earlier.

Once you are ready to use the image, double-click it to open it in a a new workspace or drag it onto an existing project.

Save an image to Creative Cloud Libraries

4. License your image

Work with the image as you would with any other inside of your desktop application.

When you’re ready to use the non-watermarked version, right-click on the image in the library. Choose License Image ... and follow the prompts to complete the purchase.    

Note: For more information on Adobe Stock video previews, refer to this tutorial.

License your image
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