Overview of interface changes made to On-Demand Services Portal in November 2016

The Adobe On-Demand Services Portal has been updated to be consistent with other Adobe services sites. For example, the currently selected service is now located in center of the action bar. The project list appears to the right of the action bar.


Video Overview of Portal UI Changes

Video Overview of Portal UI Changes
This video describes the changes made to the On-Demand Services Portal in early November 2016.

Action Bar

Options such as changing projects, switching accounts, and displaying help or the welcome screen are available on the right side of the action bar.


When a selection is made, a toolbar is displayed over the top bar.

Expand and Collapse Navigation Rail

Click Navigation to collapse the left navigation rail. Click the icon to expand the rail.


Navigation Screen

Breadcrumb links no longer appear in the top bar. Instead, you can click Adobe Experience Manager Mobile to display a navigation screen that displays the different services. (These same options are available in the left rail.)

Supported browsers

Supported browsers include Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Internet Explorer and Edge are not supported.