Learn how to use our graphic layers system to apply decals, logos, and patterns to 3D objects in Dimension.

What you learned: Apply a graphic to a model surface

  • Drag and drop a graphic into the canvas or scene panel, targeting the object you want to apply it to
  • Use the Select tool to adjust the positioning of the object
    • Click and drag inside the circle to move the graphic on the surface
    • Drag on the square handles to scale the graphic
    • Hold Shift to scale uniformly
    • Drag on the circle handle to rotate the graphic
  • Use Fill mode to cover the entire material with the graphic
    • Use the Repeat mode to control how the graphic is repeated
    • Use the square handles handles or Repeat property to adjust how many times the pattern repeats

Edit the appearance of a graphic

Graphics have some appearance properties, just like materials.  Adjust the properties like roughness, or metallic.  Other properties will be inherited from the material below, like bumps.

Use artboards with images

  • Add a graphic to a model
  • Click on the thumbnail for the image in the Properties Panel
  • In the Image Picker window, change the artboard selection
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